The comics convention C2E2 rolls on and for the most part I have not been paying attention. Seems the major comics publishers, or most comic publishers, save their best announcements for Comic-Con and maybe NY Comic-Con. However two things popped up for me.

1-Renee Montoya returning to comics. I remember first seeing Montoya in the Batman: Animated Series. I liked the little of her they showed to give a chance in Gotham Central. I love the character and was disappointed in her disappearance from the New 52. This makes me happy.

2-Possibly a new series for Avengers Arena. No thank you. I love a number of the Marvel teens they put in the series but the deathmatch premise turned me away. It could be good but i don’t care, I was actively rooting against it. It seems people who were not into Avengers Academy or Runaways have embraced the book while those who are familiar with those titles have not cared for Arena. Another reason I’m not trying the book.

I guess DC came short of confirming Bleeding Cools rumor of a Villains Month but my DC pull is shrinking every few months so I don’t think this is going to matter to me.


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I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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