Your Favorite Movie May Not Be Your Favorite Movie

When someone gets asked what they’re favorite movie is, chances are they go for the best movie they ever seen. The acting, the directing, the camera work, music, and all the other bits that added up to a thrilling film experience. That film is probably not that persons favorite movie. Your favorite movie is the movie you have watched the most. Not the film you think is the best.

The best movie I saw last year-the one the created the most emotional response from me was Beasts of the Southern Wild. I was choked up. It was such an experience watching that film. Hush Puppy and her daddy-the troubles they faced. I get goosebumps just thinking about the film right now. It’s a tough film but totally worth it. However I only seen it once. Yet Dredd-I have seen that movie over a dozen times since I bought it on DVD. It is the best film I’ve seen in 3D-a format I hate. I got angry with myself for not going again when the film disappeared quickly. Yeah, Dredd got pretty good reviews but how many people are going to call it a favorite? I am. Its a bloody good time through and through. I’m pissed their probably will never be a sequel.

The best movie I ever seen might be Seven Samurai. Its spectacular. A three and a half hour samurai epic directed by Akira Kurosawa and starring one of the all time greats in Toshiro Mifune. Its a brilliant piece of work and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone. Its not favorite movie though. My favorite movie of all time is Masters of the Universe I’m not joking. I have watched that He-Man flick a lot. When I was a kid I probably watched it once a week for two full years. Give or take a few weeks. I loved the He-Man cartoon. I thought Skeletor was the coolest. I saw the movie and loved it. I knew it was not like the cartoon even as a kid but He-Man fought Skeletor and that’s what I wanted. Dolph Lundgren felt like He-Man and Frank Langella was creepy as Skeletor. Evil-Lyn may have done nothing in the film but the actress, Meg Foster, had the most hypnotic eyes I had ever seen. It was corny, but it was cool. I never grew out of it and have since gained even more appreciation. The design aspect inside Snake Mountain, the look of some of the bad guys, the final fights very cinematic feel, and the fact that Jack Kirby’s Fourth World comics had a tiny bit of influence on the film.

I know there are a lot of people who feel this way. They mention films like Dumb & Dumber as their favorite movie-in my high school Cinema class that got mentioned multiple times-but there is always people who want to mention some classic film they may never watch at least once a year. They might take a few minutes to think about their answer because they want it sound special. No. Its the movie you watch at least once a year, and when you got it on video you watched it again and again.


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