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Superhero Marriages

It seems in mainstream comics, marriages for the top tier heroes are becoming less and less a priority. Not just that but also long time recognizable couples split. There are married couples, but few feature franchise characters. Ones that have … Continue reading

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Wrestling Over Comic Books

I consume entertainment. Some more than others. I watch too much TV, I watch too many movies. I don’t really watch sports and I read less books than I should-but I do read. However my two major mediums of entertainment … Continue reading

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Successful Interpretation vs. Proper Interpretation

The discussions of Grant Morrison’s take on Talia brings to light an important question in regards to superhero franchises-whats more important? The interpretation that people buy? Or the one that gets the reviews? The answer is simple, they both are. … Continue reading

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So you don’t get it? So What?

One of my pet peeves with comic fans is when they say: “I wish someone could explain to me why this (writer/artist) is popular?” Why do you even care? If someone rattles off the creators big hits or get into … Continue reading

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I do these as a form of entertainment for a friend. Here. I talk about Superman, a movie review, talk a little about Elm Street films, more plus music.

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