Superhero Marriages

It seems in mainstream comics, marriages for the top tier heroes are becoming less and less a priority. Not just that but also long time recognizable couples split. There are married couples, but few feature franchise characters. Ones that have been integral to the companies past as well as seen outside comics.

In Marvel you had Cyclops and Jean Grey end-sure it was through Jeans death but after Scott’s betrayal it would have probably headed to divorce. I guess you can argue that Scott and Jean are not too important to Marvel but would be hard to really get across due to movies and, better yet, cartoons. Plus the whole being created in the 60s and having a long term relationship and being the center of many X-Men plots. Also in Marvel the dissolution of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-thanks to a deal with Mephisto. Luckily Marvel still has Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman among other married couples who are not featured in their own title. At DC the big one was Superman and Lois Lane which ended with the Nu52.

It’s interesting-a number of these marriages don’t end in divorce. The companies feeling like divorcing the couples was a bad idea so they went through another way of breaking them up. At least Scott/Jean felt more sensible than a freaking deal with the devil. In fact only a handful of heroes I can think of seem to have actually divorced. Ray Palmer and his wife Jean Loring but probably best known would be the divorce of Green Arrow and Black Canary.

Green Arrow and the second Black Canary, Dinah Lance, have had an off again on again romance for decades. It was part of the charm and marriage seemed like a bad idea. I never read their series, I was surprised to hear they divorced. Two heroes-both obviously on the B+ list. Not quite superstars but important to DC. Well, GA has sort of moved to A-list now.

So is there a vendetta against marriage in superhero comics? Probably not. There are still people getting married as well as same sex couples. What I think it is that comics have a lot of writers who grew up in households of divorced parents. growing up in a world where the divorce rate is growing and growing. People who have maybe went through divorce themselves. I think that they just don’t want to chance it.

I don’t know… I’m just guessing. Maybe there is a vendetta and marriage will only work for same sex couples and minor to C-list characters from now on.


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