Bad Ass Lady Wrestlers: Bull Nakano

I’ve mentioned my love of wrestling, I am also a huge fan of womens wrestling. Specifically the Joshis-Japanese women wrestlers. Japanese womens wrestling from the mid 80s to the mid 90s is one of the most influential eras of wrestling. These women invented moves that have become common place now or popularized and associated with male wrestlers. First up I want to mention my favorite womens wrestler Bull Nakano.

Bull Nakano got started in 1983 at the age of 16, working in the legendary All Japan Women. All Japan Women started in the late 60s and when it closed in the early 00’s was the oldest running promotion in Japan. Nakano started out as part of Dump Matsumotos heel group. Dump was a top heel for the company in the 80s and worked as Bull’s mentor. In the early 90’s Bull Nakano was pushed as a monster heel and dominated AJW for two years as their top champion. Bull is one of the only two women in wrestling history to have held the two oldest womens title-the WWWA World Heavyweight title (1937) and the original WWF womens title (1956) both fo which are now defunct. Bull is also the first CMLL Womens champion, Mexico’s most prestigious Womens belt.

Bull Nakano innovated several major moves like the Somersault Diving Leg Drop, a move Booker T called the Harlem Hangover when he used it. She also may have been the first wrestler to do the elevated DDT, a Randy Orton signature.

Below is a Bull MV I made. Like it and check her out on Youtube.


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