Looking Ahead-Comic Orders from August 2013 Solicits

I’ve mentioned that I usually get my comics through a subscription service (Mail Order Comics) so I decided to show you what I plan on buying from the August crop of titles from Diamond and give you some quick thoughts on them.

All New X-Men #15, Uncanny X-Men #10 & 11-Its weird when you enjoy books by creators you have a history of not caring for. I usually avoid Bendis because I was never gripped by the titles he wrote but being an X-Men fan for so long and the hook for All New I gave it a try and was wowed. My favorite book of the moment. I also felt more confident in purchasing Uncanny which I’ve enjoyed. The art on both titles have been excellent. I’m a big fan of Chris Bachalo, one of my favorite artists. I also enjoy Stuart Immonen and Frazer Irving quite a bit.

Batman 66 #2-Looking forward to this series. I tend to buy one solo book from a franchise character(easy way to balance budget) and this ones replacing the now ended Batman Inc.

Batman/Superman #3-Why is Bats name first? I don’t care if he’s more popular Supermans name should be first. Anyway I was not a fan of the one book I read from Greg Pak but I have been telling myself I need to read more books drawn by Jae Lee. The preview art is phenomenal.

Batman Incorporated Special #1-Big Morrison fan here, little sad he won’t be involved in this but I hear it has Bat-Cow. I’ve certainly enjoyed Batman Inc.


Fables #132 and Fairest #18-Fables has been hit and miss lately but I did enjoy the recently wrapped arc about Snow Whites first and forgotten husband. A major twist in the ending I did not see coming. While things have been strange Mark Buckingham pencils (and Steve Leihola inks) are still top notch. Fairest has been a mixed bag but that’s expected with anthology series. I did really like the opening arc but the Rapunzel story lost steam for me after a few issues. Still I’m a Fables fan so I keep going.

Fatale #17-The current multi-Eisner nominee is my pick to win most the awards. Beuatiful artwork and creepy, engaging story by Ed Brubaker. I’m not even into Brubaker normally. I preferred Rucka’s Gotham Central issues and I could not get into Brubakers Captain America. But damn it I love Fatale. The recent done in ones have all had a great flavor to them.

Fearless Defenders #8-Fun series, arts not doing anything for me. I might drop it soon depending on the next issues. However its one of Marvels low selling titles right now so its on cancellation watch.

Green Arrow #23-I like GA quite a bit and was disappointed with the de-aged look, new statues quo and the first few writers work. However the current team of Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino are doing good work. The book looks great and is a strong read. So I am very happy. Also happy with Arrow too.

Jupiters Legacy #3-While Mark Millar’s written stuff I like, the last half of Wanted, certain comments he’s made and analysis of his work has made it hard for me to give a fuck. However Frank Quitely’s doing art and he is my #2 (or #3) favorite artist. The first issue was actually pretty good but I am going to be annoyed if the daughter character is actually dead. Those who read the book no who I’m talking about.

Justice League #23, Justice League Dark #23, and Justice League of America #7-I am actually buying the Trinity War, mostly because I buy a pair of these books. Justice League of America is my fave of the set. Johns dialogue and character interactions have been the selling point. The regular Justice League books been a mixed bag but I have not found myself feeling I need to drop it. I tried Dark when it started but was not into the first arc and there was something about the way Mikel Janin did the characters-or their gaze-that kinda creep me out.

Lady Rawhide #1-A bad girl from the 90s is back. I don’t know why I’m going to check this out other than the fact I like cheesy and bad entertainment.

Lazarus #3-I don’t follow creators from book to book but Rucka is one of the few. I don’t even know what Lazarus is about but him and Michael Lark? Yeah-gets my money.


Miss Fury #5-Miss Fury was one of the earliest female superheroes, definitely the first to be created by a woman, Tarpe Mills. The first couple issues have been alright so I’m riding with it for a while. My subscription automatically set the Cover A but I’m going with B this time.

Morning Glories #30-I really liked Morning Glories at first, now not so much. There’s a lot of stuff happening and I don’t know whats going on. I can’t really describe it. That said-I am curious about each and every issue and generally enjoy the characters and art.

Rachel Rising #19-I am adding Terry Moore to the list of creators I’ll follow to each book. Only if its his own work. seriously though Rachel Rising is beautiful and creepy. The covers are some of my favorite right now in comics. I recommend this to fans of horror or alternative comics. Also buy Echo and Strangers in Paradise.

Red Sonja #2-Always been curious about Red Sonja and giving it a try. I’m not the biggest Gail Simone fan but I loved her first run on Birds of Prey. I’m interested.

Revival #13-For a brief moment there I was buying buying four horror comics. With Hack/Slash gone I’m down to three. I’m not even a big horror fan. Yet there are some damn fine books. Revival by Hack/Slash creator Tim Seely and artist Mike Norton has been a very strong book and I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

Saga #13-Everyone loves Saga right? I admit though I was not as sold on it in the first few issues I definitely got reeled in. Fiona Staples is awesome by the way.


Satellite Sam #1-Only read a little Matt Fraction work, don’t think I ever read a comic drawn by Howard Chaykin. So between wanting to read something penciled by Chaykin, Fractions reputation and the cover I added this to my pull.

Superman Unchained #3-The problem with my subscription service is that I’m usually behind. So I have not checked out the first issue yet. I like Jim Lee but my one intro to Scott Snyder did not impress me. I think the bar might have been set to high with all the reviews and buzz.

Vampirella Southern Gothic #1-I’m not reading the Vampi main series because Eric Trautmann left, the next writers issues didn’t do anything for me, and the art generally took a dive arc after arc. I still want to follow Vampi so I’m checking this one out.

Wonder Woman #23-I started out as a big fan of the reboot but things are souring. I think after issue 0 is when it started. Cliff Chiang doesn’t even feel like the artist anymore. Diana feels like second fiddle in her own book. I could also use some real bad guys or maybe some revamps of WW’s non-God baddies.

Vampirella Masters Vol. 8 Mike Carey & More-I am a Vampi fan and this collection features stories from acclaimed writers Mike Carey and Joshua Hale Fialkov. Sadly its overpriced for the limited pages. I’m getting a discount but its a tiny bit cheaper in Amazon.

X-Men #4-I found the story for issue 1 the weakest part of the book but overall a solid debut. Hopefully it picks up to be more deep. I like the cast and I like the art.

Off Amazon: Manara Erotica vol. 3-MOC stopped carrying explicit works a while ago (or hid them really well). I got a few of the Milo Manara books, absolutely gorgeous. Erotica vol. 1 was disappointing storywise but the Manara Library 1 was good. I’m going to buy these mostly for the art.

Thats my order form based on August solicits.


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