Reviewers vs. General Audience

Man of Steel got some bad reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes the critic reviews are in the 50% tile but the audience is in 80% tile. Deadline is reporting-before an official update-that Cinemascores research as the movie getting an A- rating from audiences. Even an editor at Rotten Tomatoes is shocked between the differences, especially as people are pointing out Man of Steel’s reviews are lower than the last Superman movie which ultimately bombed.

So what’s the problem? Nothing. Critics and audiences as usual.

Take the Ryan Gosling flick, Drive. 93% from critics, 78% from audience on Rotten Tomatoes. Cinemascore however has it at C-. Seriously though-all lists a bullshit. Everyone’s wrong. The critics, the audience. The only persons opinion that matters is your own and that of the people close to you who you trust.

But why? Why do critics and audiences splinter? Not just in movies but almost all forms of entertainment. So lets take a look and the most basic differences between critics and audiences first. Critics, just by being critics, are suppose to be more familiar with the artform and have engaged with all sorts of genre’s and creators. General audiences are not like that usually. Critics will engage in entertainment outside their preferred genres and creators but most audiences will stick to what they like. Its just a difference in the familiarity of a medium or the way they consume it. The way they analyze.

The other thing is expectations. Critics want fine entertainment worth their time. Audiences want fun distraction worth their time. A lot of audiences read, watch, and listen to pull them from the world. They want to be engaged and enticed quickly and they want it to end on a good note. Flaws are easier to ignore, hell, they may not even think of them as flaws. Besides, critics have a habit of ignoring flaws themselves when being given material by the creators they like.

After that it all comes down to individual taste. Taste that is influenced by who you are, how you were raised, people around you, the time and place. People will respond differently based on these.

The last thing of course is simple-who are these critics? These people that you don’t know telling you whats good and bad. I liked Catwoman by Judd Winnick and Guillem March but could not get in Demon Knights by Paul Cornell and Diogenes Neves. I maintain Freddy vs. Jason is an extremely fun flick and enjoyed Observe & Report. I’ve watched bad TV like everyone else. Good entertainment, bad entertainment-really its all up to you.


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One Response to Reviewers vs. General Audience

  1. btglifestyle says:

    Smart post! I fully agree with the premise that even critics are a bit subjective according to their realities. In my opinion there’s a snobbish air to the occupation. When I saw the meta score for Man of Steel on IMDB (56/100) I almost fell off my chair, knowing that Nolan (who revived the Batman franchise) was involved and when I saw the latest full-action trailer I was impressed. I can’t wait to actually see the film, so until then I won’t draw too many conclusions.

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