Bad Ass Lady Wrestlers: Ayako Hamada

Ayako Hamada is a world traveled ring veteran who continues to put people to shame. A second generation wrestler and part of a vast wrestling family. Her father is Japanese wrestling legend Gran Hamada who first outside his home country, down in Mexico in the lucha libre style. Ayako has an older sister, Xochitl Hamada whose a wrestler (and has been married) to a couple luchadors plus another sister whose married to Japanese wrestling star Tiger Mask IV. Ayako was born and raised in Mexico but made her wrestling debut in Japan as part of Arison where she quickly was pushed for the company. She went on to win several titles from that promotion before leaving and going on to All Japan Women where she won the coveted WWWA Heavyweight title twice.

Ayako has worked in Mexico for AAA and also in the US, briefly for TNA but currently for Shimmer womens athletes. Original more of a lucha libre based offense, Hamada has altered her style over the years. Relying heavily on strikes, power moves but also keeping some high flying. In 2012 womens wrestling site RingBelles and her match from Shimmer volume 50 against Kana was much buzzed about on websites and live audiences.

I first saw Hamada on a tape from a tournament from Arison and was amazed by her style and grace. Over the years checking her out on youtube and turning on TNA wrestling here to just to watch. When she was announced for Shimmer I started following the promotion for the first time since volume 5.

Check out this video.

My previous entry was on Bull Nakano.


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