Proper Movie Trailers

I just saw This Is The End (it was pretty good, if you don’t like those comedians avoid it though) and during the trailers they showed the preview for This Mortal Instruments movie.


PG-13 film based on a YA novel about a girl, and some shadow hunters or whatever. It’s like when I see action films and a G rated preview comes up or a PG-13 movie and suddenly there is a red band comedy trailer. What happened to previews matching the tone, or general genre, of the movie that is airing? Is this an attempt at crossover marketing? I’m sure the men in the audience are really interested in This Mortal Instruments.

Okay-thats enough complaining. Wait-AMC, it’s summer. Make sure you have people when you open so that the lines for the early movie are not being handled by a single person.


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I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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