Superman/Wonder Woman Comic

... Damn It ...

I’ve been trying to think about something I can say about this, but I can’t. Really I can’t.

I love Wonder Woman. Hell, the other day I was cutting through Bed Bath and Beyond, spotted some Wonder Woman cup/mug thingee and bought it because of her. I probably will never use it but I saw it and wanted it. I love Diana and believe she has capable of so much more in comics than she is allowed to. Inconsistencies, relaunches, reboots and editorial driven plots have made it hard for WW fans over the decades. DC just refuses to care.

I like Superman. More as a symbol, I have a hard time sticking with his books but I’ve read some damn good Superman books. He’s a cool character.

I don’t want these two as a couple. No thank you.

Superman has Lois Lane. That’s true love. I’m not even a big Lois Lane fan and I find the idea of Superman with anyone else frustrating. I just do. As for Diana, I’m all for Diana finally having a love interest but I would rather it be someone without a title, or at least someone she’s more powerful then. Or someone she outshines in popularity. Please?

I know some people are cheering this on, fine. I know I’ll probably check out the first couple issues. I just wish this would end. Or at least they would have had a cover other than whats pictured above.


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3 Responses to Superman/Wonder Woman Comic

  1. Fida says:

    i’m totally with you. I’m not a fan. i never liked supes together with WW. after all that trouble him and lois went through to get married before the relaunch, and then suddenly he’s with wonder woman. i always found the wonder woman/batman thing very amusing. even more so in animation…oh well.

    on a side note, i was wondering if you could answer a poll on my blog. i swear this isnt spam, im not asking for like or follows or anything. i just need a little help deciding what to read next. would really appreciate the help. thanks.

    • CM Towns says:

      Thanks for the comment, I’m unfamiliar with 2 of the books you have on the poll-I don’t know which post Crisis you’re talking about with Super(Infinite Earts of Infinite Crisis) but my Superman reading is pretty minimal. I have read Batgirl in this relaunch but I was not a fan of the art or the villain however I liked Simone’s tone for Barbara. I will say if you can find Greg Ruckas Adventures of Superman that ones good.

      • Fida says:

        Thank you so much! i’ll be sure to check out Adventures of Superman. im pretty sure its crisis on infinite earths. i cant be too sure, im just filching off of my brothers collection here. Unknown soldier is this apparently critically acclaimed vertigo comics series. i have the entire series in digital comics. let me know if you want them, i’ll link you. thanks again!

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