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Controversy in Comics

In a medium with so much material, especially with superheroes, its better to piss off fans and have them talking years later then create a solid work that is mostly forgotten. Think about it. How many good runs have you … Continue reading

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The Main Reason I Do Not Interact With Many Fans Online…

I am a Grant Morrison fan and I have dealt with the BS his detractors sling at his fans. We’re all kool-aid drinkers or brainwashed. Today I looked through a list of “Best X-Men Stories” voted by fans and someone … Continue reading

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I know what my next Favorite Comics topic is, but I got to go back and read two different books to see what lands at #3. Since spot #1 and 2 are already cemented.

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SDCC News I Am Excited About

Its been a week and here’s what I cared about. Arrow season 2 and Legend of Korra season 2. Thats it.

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Being a Wonder Woman Fan is Frustrating, And For Me Right Now Being a DC Fan Is Frustrating Too

DC, Warner Bros. they are business I get it. I think too often us fans have a habit of thinking they could run a company better but we can not because we tend to consider our own feelings over fans … Continue reading

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I Have A Problem With Various Types of Comic Fans

Fan Type #1-You like this crap? You have not taste. Fuck off. Fan Type #2-You don’t like this book? You got no soul. Fuck you. Fan Type #3-This material is problematic so you are wrong for buying it and liking … Continue reading

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My excitement level for SDCC announcements have been pretty low. I have not been excited for anything outside Korra having a start date. Though the Arrow sizzle reel was cool.

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