Favorite Films-The Forsaken

I don’t have a big write up for this film. It doesn’t touch on any major aspects of life, I don’t know if it is symbolic of anything, and it doesn’t represent anything for me. It’s just a damn fine vampire film that came-got terrible reviews-and went. Reviews or not when I caught this movie late one night on cable I was stunned. A vampire movie where none of the vampires were romantic or tragic figures. One about the hunt. One that had its own mythology at play. Yeah, I can dig that.

The story is rather simple. Sean gets a job driving a car cross country as job that would allow him to catch his sisters wedding. Along the way he picks up a hitchhiker and the two end up encountering a lost and dazed woman. Turns out she was a victim of a vampire bite and our hitchhiker wants to use her as bait to catch a bad vamp he believes may be the carrier who started the strain of vampirism that he’s been fighting off with a cocktail of drugs. If he kills the vampire, he himself will be cured.

It’s a simple film. Straight forward. It’s the acting and execution that works for me. It doesn’t play out like Lost Boys or Near Dark even though the “kill the head vampire” idea is one those used. The hunter, Nick, is kind of bad at his gig. He knows what his rpey-what they are capable of. He knows his vampire history. Yet he feels almost unfortunate in his role. I guess when you don’t have vampire super powers its harder to hunt.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how vampire stories rarely are straight forward horror. Films and TV relying on a sympathetic vampire character or two. That and the hunters rarely getting into the methodology of their hunt. While its not detailed here it’s still interesting to know Nick has been chasing the cure for his sickness. Even going so far as using the poor woman as bait.

So yeah, Forsaken. Here is the trailer.

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