Bad Ass Lady Wrestlers: Megumi Kudo

Megumi Kudo is probably the most hardcore kindergarten teacher you’ll ever hear of. At 16 years of age she sought a career in All Japan Women Wrestling, the top womens wrestling promotion in Japan and one of the most influential wrestling companies of all time. She was released a couple years later for not advancing in her abilities. Kudo went on to be a kindergarten teacher for a few years but the call of wrestling was too great to ignore.

Kudo joined Frontier Martial Arts Wrestling, a company known for their hardcore style and would popularize the likes of Hayabusa, Masato Tanaka and the late Mike Awesome. Think of FMW as a more dangerous, wild, version of ECW. Kudo was quickly pushed, mostly for her looks, but quickly grew as a wrestler. Vastly improving and setting herself as the best of FMW’s womens division, she also invented the Kudome Valanetine, a piledriver type that’s been used by former WCW/WWE star Gregory Helms (called it the vertebreaker), indy star and former TNA wrestler Homicide (called the Cop Killer or Gringo Killer depending) and indy vet and two time Shimmer champ Cheerleader Melissa (Kudo Driver after the inventor). Kudo wrestled violent death matches which included no rope barbwire. Kudo’s beauty and tenacity not only made her one of FMW’s top stars but propelled her in the world of womens wrestling to the point where she even got a shot at her former companies main title WWWA.

Megumi Kudo’s popularity included releasing a CD, starring in a movie by famed cult director Takashi Miike, and releasing photobooks. None of this was unknown before Kudo but it was proof positive that the crowd loved her. Kudo retired young, having her last match a “No ropes 200V double hell double barbed wire barricade double landmine glass crush death match.” Kudo vacated her titles.

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