Jean Grey

I was curious about Jean Grey focused X-Men stories, excluding the time between Phoenix debut and Dark Phoenix Saga. The reason is Jean is a popular X-Men character yet it seems she has limited comic stories-especially classic ones-that have her in a pivotal role. I discount the Phoenix stuff because due to Marvel’s cannon that ended up a doppelganger.

So leave me comments about Jean focus stories. I already was pointed to All New X-Men and an X-Men Origins spotlight, as well as Onslaught crossover. That last one confused me.


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5 Responses to Jean Grey

  1. xmenxpert says:

    I would recommend Morrison’s New X-Men run. That was a fantastic run in general, but he had a good grasp on Jean, and made her a lot more independent than a lot of writers have done. it’s also just one of the overall best X-Men runs.

    Beyond that, I’ve honestly just never been enough of a Jean fan to really remember her big stories. She’s had plenty, it’s just hard to remember them. There were the two Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix minis – the first one was especially good, but the second was cool, too.

    • CM Towns says:

      I have New X-Men. Its so far one of the few runs mentioned where Jean not only is a player but has a handful of issues where she pushes the narrative. I also had someone mention Adv. of Cyclops and Phoenix.

      I am beginning to think Jean is defined by the Dark Phoenix Saga but with the cannon stating its not her in those stories it seems strange that an almost five decade old character of a huge franchise has so few stories that really spotlight her. Its not rare, but weird.

      • xmenxpert says:

        I think there’s actually quite a few good Jean stories from the ’90s. I just have trouble remembering them because I had trouble caring about her. Though I’m actually really loving what Bendis is doing with Jean in All-New X-Men.

      • CM Towns says:

        It was the 90s, not the best time time for Marvel. All the crossovers, the focus on artists over rwriters-those artists then leaving to do Image, Marvel buying a distributor, failing at that and crashing the comic book amrket place.

      • xmenxpert says:

        I know. But for all the crap, there were also some really good stories. Scott Lobdell and Fabian Nicieza both did a good job. The X-Men Unlimited anthology series had a lot of cool stories. There was plenty of good amidst the bad.

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