I Have A Problem With Various Types of Comic Fans

Fan Type #1-You like this crap? You have not taste.
Fuck off.

Fan Type #2-You don’t like this book? You got no soul.
Fuck you.

Fan Type #3-This material is problematic so you are wrong for buying it and liking it.
Shut the fuck up.

Fan Type #4-You like this creator? You are a sheep.
No, you’re an asshole.

Fan Type #5-This is the best creator ever and if you disagree you are wrong.
I’m not wrong about you being an asshole.

Fan Type #6-“Trash talks character you like.”
I’m going to cut you.

Fan Type #7-You haven’t read enough of this (creator/character/run) to have an opinion.
You are a fucking idiot.

Fan Type #8-I don’t care what this creator did or who they created, I don’t like them so I disregard their contributions.
So basically you call yourself a comic fan but have no respect for creators work or the history of the medium?

Please-don’t be those fans. Let people like or dislike their books. Engage in discussions but don’t be that person who has to insult someones taste or opinion. You don’t have to like certain creators but don’t pretend some creators haven’t done important work when they have. Basically don’t be an asshole comic fan.


About CM Towns

I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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