Being a Wonder Woman Fan is Frustrating, And For Me Right Now Being a DC Fan Is Frustrating Too

DC, Warner Bros. they are business I get it. I think too often us fans have a habit of thinking they could run a company better but we can not because we tend to consider our own feelings over fans who may disagree with us. Business’ have bottom lines, executives to please, and the demographics are wide and even when you focus on one type of people that does not mean they will agree on the material.

That said-DC and WB are being fucking stupid with Wonder Woman. The excuses about the movie are dumb. We’re not buying it. All you are saying is that you don’t care about the character or their fans. DC comics? Same mistakes over and over again and they just smile and push on while wondering why they can’t get the character to crack the top ten or twenty. It’s because you guys are idiots.

It’s frustrating. There’s a difference between being frustrated with the portrayal, or lack of, for a b-list or c-list character. Or someone we rarely see. This is Wonder Woman. She’s there for us but she’s not there. Like I see her, but its not her. It’s something else.

Lets look at the comics for a moment. Now I already wrote up Diana’s publication history and I don’t hate what Azzarello is doing, I’m just of the mind that this is not a Wonder Woman story. The creative team has made the sort of changes that seem there only to appeal to this non-Diana fanbase. The ones who made excuses for why they didn’t want to read her and in doing so it pushed out a number of people who were reading it. The book’s LCS orders, according to Diamond Chart, is showing that the book has been slipping steadily since its relaunch. Getting lower and lower in the Top 100. With more mainstream books launching and rebooting plus the alternative/indy books gaining more steam its going to keep slipping because the buzz behind it is gone.

Who knows if the book will have a change in creative, it won’t fix certain issues people like myself have. It’s Wonder Woman though. An icon and with iconic characters like that they tend to show up in more than one book. WW may not have another solo title like the other Trinity members but she is a co-star in a pair of books. Justice League and Superman/Wonder Woman. That’s all grand and good if you think this relationship works and there is a lot of us that don’t. A lot of us (maybe most) don’t want it. We don’t like the solo title and now our alternatives are pushing an agenda we can not get behind. Its because you’re pushing the relationship as integral to the characters despite the almost non-buzz of it. Its not a big deal. Its not like the Justice League books are the cream of the crop. Of course the sell fine but the online word is like a big shoulder shrug. We’re buying it out of habit almost. Yes, there are fans who like the pairing but its not the big deal you’re trying to make it. Its not. You got it into some mainstream news and made Diana look like a home wrecker to people who did not know you broke up Lois Lane and Clark Kent before hand.

Congrats on that DC. With Batman you have given us so many choices. Even Superman has a couple choices including ones that do not include him dating Wonder Woman. What do Wonder Woman fans have? We do not have real options, we have DC saying take it or leave it. Whats worst is that dozens of WW trades which could fill the holes in our hearts are out of print. You have these WW fans online recommending books that people are having to get used or second hand. Thanks DC, for not caring about us. Once again you do not learn from your mistake which is to give a new direction, another controversial one, and splinter the fanbase deeper. Cut the WW fans deeper and just makes us spit at your statements about how you care about this character because we don’t believe you.

I guess we’ll have Grant Morrison/Yanick Paquette next year with their OGN. I am a Morrison fan and even if I dislike the OGN it will likely be interesting and probably better than the nonsense of the main DCU line. It’s a pain to want to enjoy a character that’s important to you but not being able to. Not being able to fully shout out your love. One that you feel the company keeps lying to you about. Like this Wonder Woman movie.

Bullshit on this whole hard to adapt nonsense. Very few superhero movies are based on real stories, they take bits and pieces that are important and fill them in to construct a film. The companies sit there and smile as writers, bloggers, Marvel employees joke and take shots about how they got characters on screen before Wonder Woman. How you are letting down the people. You just stand there and act like its no big deal. It is. It shows the fans you don’t really value them or what they want. It shows you are scared. You keep saying the same thing, Wonder Woman’s difficult but we are working to get her right. No, you’re not. You’re worried about a woman in a costume selling to men. I’m a man and I want a fucking Wonder Woman movie. You’re being a bunch of stupid assholes Warner Bros. and DC.

Finally, swinging back to the comics-I’m almost done. As a fan you get to a point where you have been reading comics for a lengthy amount of time and most superhero books just do not cut it for you. DC had this massive company reboot and at the end of the day its been a headache. I tried, saw very little for me, and just keep finding reasons to go. I don’t care about the tone of most books. When I hear about a writer walking off a book I make a mental note not to buy the book. What is DC’s editorial direction? What is it? A bunch of serious PG-13 books with boring action, tired dialogue and no sense of hope or fun. I don’t mind serious, or grim n’ gritty but not in the bulk of a companies output. DC has my favorite heroes and all I can think about is what books am I cutting now. I have very little reason to stay.

DC wants to sale books, met certain expectations. Wonderful. Do it. Fine. Its your show. Its just that new hotness you had when rebooted is fading. Yeah you got some titles that got good reviews, you got some sellers-the usual suspects mostly. You are not at the height of sales. You are back to be number 2. Marvel got back to the top and once again stretched the space between. At least you have a better bookstore market right? As for whose hot according to the net? That’s Image. Slowly they are putting on sales and while they are a distant number 3 but when they announce books it feels special. You look at Image and it seems like so much is happening.

DC is not doing much interesting, not making news that’s exciting, your best reviewed titles don’t have the raves as other companies and even your worst reviewed titles barely get talked about. I love the DC heroes, but right now I hate DC comics.

(Apologies to anyone I insulted. I’m just really frustrated right now.)


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One Response to Being a Wonder Woman Fan is Frustrating, And For Me Right Now Being a DC Fan Is Frustrating Too

  1. “I don’t mind serious, or grim n’ gritty but not in the bulk of a companies output. ” Amen. Bit of irony: I picked up a Justice Society of America mini-series from 1991 the other day on the cheap, and in the lettercolumn of one of the issues was a guy who was calling them out for the exact same thing . . . 12 years ago. They’re never going to listen until fans really buckle down and stop buying the stuff out of habit or loyalty to a character where the current version is not even remotely the character they’re a fan of. Hearing people say the Nu-Metal-52 is good or enjoyable hurts my soul.

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