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Wonder Woman by Lee Weeks

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Speaking of Wonder Woman…

My Comic Book Women is posting WW images right now through the day. The site is a gallery of lady comic characters.

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That same person…

Its kind of sad that they can not take a hint and just go away. This is the last I mention of it, everything they send will go to spam. No responses or acknowledgment.

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Went through my spam folder

You got problems with DC’s version of the Amazons because their different than the real ones, fine. Take it up with them. Not me. I’m not the company, I’m a reader commenting on what I read about a character I … Continue reading

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Jack Kirby’s Birthday

It’s Kirby’s birthday, go read a comic book. My fave Kirby creation is technically Scott Summers, but he came into his own under other creators. So I would say Mr. Miracle and Big Barda are my favorite characters he created … Continue reading

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Case File 002: Old Monsters-COMPLETE

My YA superhero prose series.

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In all these write ups about Morrisons Batman, a number of them imply the book will be forgotten in time. Of course this is wrong because big works by famous creators will always be remembered in some degree. Will always … Continue reading

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