Looking Ahead-My Comic Orders For October Solicits

Just put in October order. Had to go Amazon on one thing to save some cash and screwed up and left a debuting comic book off my list. Anyway here’s what I plan to get based on October Previews.

ALL NEW X-MEN #17, UNCANNY X-MEN #13, WOLVERINE AND X-MEN #37, X-MEN #6, X-MEN BATTLE OF ATOM #2-The only reason I’m into this crossover is because I’m already buying 3 of the books and two of them are my books of the moment. I don’t know what to expect which is good-less chance of being disappointed.

BATMAN 66 #4-First collected issue was fun.

BATMAN SUPERMAN #4, SUPERMAN WONDER WOMAN #1-The art by Jae Lee is awesome. So Brett Booth coming in soon is a serious let down. Especially as the art was eclipsing the story. Forgot to put Superman/WW on my order form so I’ll have to get that separate. Nervous about that one.

COFFIN HILL #1-New Vertigo book, gonna give it a try.

EAST OF WEST #7-Love the art. Still mixed on the story.

FABLES #134, FAIREST #20-Fables has been a mixed bag of late and soon I’m going to pick up Fairestbabsed on creative team.

FATALE #19, SAGA #15-My two fave Image comics. Fatale is my fave of the two but both are awesome.

GREEN ARROW #24-Fave DC title possibly.

JUPITERS LEGACY #4, AUTHORITY VOL. 2-Mark Millar keeps saying things that piss me off so I’m worried. I have been liking Jupiters Legacy and both these books have Frank Quitely whose a personal favorite artist. Put Authority on my Amazon list. Might end up canceling it in the future. We’ll see.

LADY RAWHIDE #3-Need to read the first issue, I got it.

MIGHTY AVENGERS #2-Waiting on issue 1.

MISS FURY #7-Okay series.

MORNING GLORIES #33 and MORNING GLORIES #34-The issue I just got had a weird ending. I think I’m lost.

PRETTY DEADLY #1, ROCKET GIRL #1, VELVET #1-Three new image books. Only read a couple Kelly Sue Deconnik so I don’t have a strong opinion on her but I’m going to try this one. Amy Reeders art is whats driving me to Rocket Girl. Brubaker has made me a fan of Fatale so I’m giving his book a shot.

PREVIEWS #301 OCTOBER 2013-To see whats up.

RED SONJA #4 DOYLE CVR-Went with Ming Doyle cover. Issue 1 was alright.

SATELLITE SAM #4-Digging this.

SEX CRIMINALS #2-Waiting on issue 1.


WONDER WOMAN #24-Been on again/off again. Liked the New Genesis stuff.

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I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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