In all these write ups about Morrisons Batman, a number of them imply the book will be forgotten in time. Of course this is wrong because big works by famous creators will always be remembered in some degree. Will always have a market for it. However its doubly wrong for one major reason.

In a month, in the US alone, there are over 300 comics released. Closer to 400 with OGNs. In a year thats over 4800 books. How many of these books are well reviewed? How many of these books are considered good? How many of those books will not be as well known years down the line? Most of them.

The industry releases so much material in a single year that for a title to be remembered it has to be better than good. Hell, it doesn’t have to be good, it simply has to be better known in that company. It has to be able to build enough steam that when its over it will still sell. That it will keep going on in trades and collections. There are great runs and stories from each year, five years ago, decades ago and so on that have been almost lost in time.

That comic you like might be a footnote in five years. That book you hated might be getting a nice fancy omnibus with people writing up how much they loved it. That book you never heard of, might be the one that’s called the best of whichever year it was released.

You can not know what today’s comics mean in the future. You like something, you hate something, leave it at that. Because I know for a fact, you might be online tomorrow complaining about some websites list of the best “insert franchise name here” complaining about how such-and-such book was terrible and their missing this other title.

(wrote this up on my gallery site Comic Book Women)


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