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The Problem With Superhero Fans And Their Criticisms

The problem I have with listening to superhero fans dissect and criticize superhero comics is that they do not really take into consideration the faults of the genre. Decades old characters, hundreds of creators, thousands of stories-continuity changes and lapses … Continue reading

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Arrow: A Successful Adaptation

We are 3 episodes into the second season of Arrow, an adaptation of the DC property Green Arrow. Having rewatched season 1 and listened to comments, criticisms, and reviews through out as well as having a discussion with my uncle … Continue reading

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Buying Comics

As comic fans we have our habits in regards to budgets and maintaining pull lists. I’m going to share mine. BUDGET-Years ago I was spending upwards to $50 a week on comics (sometimes more) and now I’m setting about $150 … Continue reading

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My December Order

Have not done this for a while but since I haven’t written thing in a while, here’s what I just ordered through my mail order service. ALL NEW X-MEN #20, UNCANNY X-MEN #15-My favorite mainstream superhero books being published now. … Continue reading

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A Recurring Nightmare

My favorite horror film series is A Nightmare On Elm Street. I’ve long been intrigued, and quite a bit scared, of the burnt faced, dirty sweater wearing, knife gloved Freddy Krueger. I remember being very young, at the home of … Continue reading

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Avengers: Endless Wartime

24.99 is too much for this 120 page OGN. Also, outside of Nextwave I don’t seem to care much for Warren Ellis. Mike McKones artwork was good but it did not feel like his strongest-Avengers Academy looked better. Basically the … Continue reading

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Next topic…

I guess I can do another Top Comics posts. Been doing them in creator, genre styling, and franchise so thats mean I’d be up on franchise next. Though to be honest outside of X-Men and Wonder Woman its a bit … Continue reading

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