Avengers: Endless Wartime

24.99 is too much for this 120 page OGN. Also, outside of Nextwave I don’t seem to care much for Warren Ellis. Mike McKones artwork was good but it did not feel like his strongest-Avengers Academy looked better. Basically the team goes against a hybrid of Norse dragon and Nazi technology. So you get the science fiction babble. The dynamic of the team seemed weird to me. Capt. America talks about what the team does to everyone in an early section and it was eye rolling when he said to Wolverine “The Avengers taught you how to stand for something, and you know it, Logan.”

Once again Capt. showing little respect to what the X-Men stands for.

I don’t know what to think about the book. Really I don’t. Its not bad, I just don’t find it all that good. If anything this is the least interesting work by Warren Ellis I have read. I mean-I despised desolation Jones after the first arc and I still think that is more interesting than this.

Yeah-Obviously I’m not an Ellis fan. But I like McKone a lot. He’s very cool.


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