My December Order

Have not done this for a while but since I haven’t written thing in a while, here’s what I just ordered through my mail order service.

ALL NEW X-MEN #20, UNCANNY X-MEN #15-My favorite mainstream superhero books being published now. I don’t know which one I like more but I do know that the fact Brian Bendis is writing these is still flabbergasting to me. I never thought I’d like anything from him. Anyway good to see the first class team sticking around and curious for the X-23/Cyclops relationship. As for Uncanny, more scenes of them clowning SHIELD is what I want.

COFFIN HILL #3-Issue 1 was okay… looked good though.

EMPOWERED VOL. 8-I have this ordered through Amazon the off chance I get it right away compared to my Mail Order service. I NEED IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Empowered. I really fucking love Empowered! 9 Beers with Ninjette one shot might be my fave single issue of the year thus far.

FABLES #136, FAIREST #22-Fables has been an extremely mixed bag of late. Its had good parts but a lot of “meh” parts. I was also close to dropping Fairest but this one has Cinderella so I’m sticking with it.

FATALE #20, VELVET #3-Fatale is my fave Image title. Even though its not exactly on the top of my reading list when I prepare to write its always a pleasure to read. Plus the art by Sean Philips is dynamite. Velvet is the newest series (coming out tomorrow) by Fatale writer/co-creator Ed Burbaker. It reunites him with his captain America artist Steve Epting. While I was not a big fan of that series (it was alright but not for me) Fatale’s been excellent and I like Steve Eptings work so I’m trying it.

GREEN ARROW #26, WONDER WOMAN #26-I pretty much cut all but 3 DC superhero titles, these two being the only ones over issue #6. I had been on and off with GA since the start but Jeff Lemire/Andrea Sorrentino have done a good job with it thus far. Though the changes to Shado I could do without. WW is still a mixed bag with the good being great and the bad flopping from terrible to “I can deal.” Diana is to become the God of War. Interesting…

LADY RAWHIDE #5 (OF 5), VAMPIRELLA SOUTHERN GOTHIC #5 (OF 5)-The first 2 issues Lady Rawhide were okay. The first 2 issues of Southern Gothic were fun.

LAZARUS #6-Very good, thus far.

MAXX MAXXIMIZED #2-I’ve read the Maxx, got them in trades, but am interesting in reading them in a serialized manner. Plus new covers. If you never read Maxx, try it. Its an insane series with incredible art by creator Sam Keith.

MORNING GLORIES #36-I was really high on Morning Glories a year or so ago. Now I’m not sure where I stand.

PRETTY DEADLY #3, UMBRAL #2-Waiting on #1s.

RACHEL RISING #22-Terry Moore’s horror series is still entertaining and still has my favorite comic covers of any series right now

RED SONJA #6 FRISON CVR-I think I’m going to end up with more Jenny Frison covers. Anyway, pretty good for the first 4 issues. No complaints.

REVIVAL #16-Third of the horror series I buy and probably my least favorite but still a thrilling title with lots of mystery. Some twisted stuff in the last issue I read, #14. That last page-damn.

ROCKET GIRL #3-Issue #1 looked great and the story was… um… interesting.

SAGA #17-#2 favorite Image title out right now. Much goodness and great to see the series doing so well. Especially in trade paperbacks. Check out this scifi/fantasy comic.

SUPERMAN WONDER WOMAN #3-The other DC superhero book I’m buying and issue one looked great. I don’t remember what happened in the actual story.

X-MEN #8-The first arc didn’t do anything for me, issue 4 was good, then the crossover hit. So Now its time to really judge the book.


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One Response to My December Order

  1. wwayne says:

    Look at Green Arrow # 19, page 3: Oliver admits he probably couldn’t have made the impossible shot that Komodo threw at him. A normal superhero would never say he/she is inferior in comparison to his/her villain: Oliver, on the contrary, admits it, because Lemire loves to deconstruct the superhero mythology.
    Second deconstructing detail: at the end of the issue, Fyff asks Oliver what happened, and he replies “Got beat up by a little girl.” A superhero is supposed to be invincible and to defeat even the most powerful villains, so Oliver admitting that a child defeated him is something delightfully nonconformist and unusual.
    Third deconstructing detail: A superhero never escapes flat out, and never gives up. Oliver, on the contrary, decided to wave goodbye to Komodo when he realized he had been encircled. And he ended up in a dump! Can you imagine any other superhero in a situation like that? AWESOME!!!
    Maybe the only comic book being slightly better than Green Arrow is a Dark Horse series called simply X. It has all the things I love most in comics: urban setting, dark atmosphere, street level and non super-powered leading character, action packed scenes, a highly entertaining yet very simple plot, a fast paced narration… X is a 5 stars series, that’s for sure.

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