The Problem With Superhero Fans And Their Criticisms

The problem I have with listening to superhero fans dissect and criticize superhero comics is that they do not really take into consideration the faults of the genre. Decades old characters, hundreds of creators, thousands of stories-continuity changes and lapses mixed in with relaunches and reboots. Millions of fans who may like the same character but have a completely different opinion on stories. There are good stories and there bad stories but with mainstream superhero comics the opinions on what is good and bad are harder to pinpoint. There is so much released that a vast middle ground of comics exist between the best and the worst that can range bad but inoffensive to good but forgettable.

I listen to comic fans talk and talk and they speak very much from the “This is how it should be done” and I understand that place but its not the place to critique. When we, as comic fans, come form this place we ignore the truths or we ignore the differing opinions. We see books that others love and we spout ‘overrated’ because it doesn’t appeal to us. I don’t care for the little I’ve read from Scott Snyders Batman run but it be wrong of me to take my personal problems and think the book fails when its doing well with both audiences and reviewers. Just as it makes me roll my eyes when a book is getting bad reviews but selling well enough to be considered successful. “Its not how the character acts.” Well apparently there is a bunch of people who like the way the character is portrayed here, shouldn’t we respect that?

No. There are fans who don’t respect other fans opinion. There is a right way and a wrong way-the problem with that is I’ve read enough X-Men books to know there are multiple right ways and multiple wrong ways and sometimes those wrong ways are other peoples right ways.

Its frustrating to see comic fans insult each other, or even the stuff they like. Fans disregard the very idea of another persons opinion as valid because their own familiarity with the character makes their own feelings somehow more valid. Its annoying to see someone who likes the same character as you assume that you know less about the character because you disagree with their opinions on work.

I want to see more comic fans be able to discuss their feelings about works without coming off as “my review is better than yous” attitude. You don’t like it, fine, but don’t pretend you some how understand the character better than fans who disagree. you love something, don’t be bothered by someone who doesn’t see it your way. State your opinion, share it! Just don’t say “worst version of the character ever!” and say “worst version of the character I encountered.” Don’t say “you’re not a real Superman fan” when someone doesn’t like that big Superman rung. “Don’t say “you’re wrong, that was a terrible Iron Man story” because someone liked the run you didn’t. Be a good fan. Share, talk, critique in a respectful manner to the reader. That is all I want.


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I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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