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People are saying Alan Moore fired a salvo at the mainstream comics industry. No he didn’t. 1. Marvel and DC really don’t care what Moore thinks. Yeah Marvel agreed to not credit Moore on Miracleman but they don’t really care … Continue reading

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My January 2014 Order

So here is my order form based on the recent solicits for January and beyond. ALL NEW X-MEN #21, ALL NEW X-MEN #22.NOW, GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #11.NOW-I am loving ANXM so much that I will pick up Bendis’ other book, … Continue reading

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A Golden Thread by Philip Sandifer review

Philip Sanidfers unauthorized history of Wonder Woman is a must have for anyone who loves the character and anyone who is interested in the history of Western comics themselves. A book that spends time on the important eras, runs, and … Continue reading

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Pulling out my 2013 albums I haven’t really listened to. Wolf from Tyler the Creator is a strong album, just no singles or standouts. Works as a complete work. Say what you want about his lyrics and content the mans … Continue reading

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