My January 2014 Order

So here is my order form based on the recent solicits for January and beyond.

ALL NEW X-MEN #21, ALL NEW X-MEN #22.NOW, GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #11.NOW-I am loving ANXM so much that I will pick up Bendis’ other book, Guardians of the Galaxy for the crossover.

BLACK WIDOW #1 and #2-Giving it a try.

BATMAN BY DOUG MOENCH AND KELLEY JONES HC VOL 01 -I was debating between this and Marvels solicited Warlock-trying to cut down the trades/OGNs I buy. I looked up some art and saw a nice write up on a website so yes to this Batman volume.

LIL SONJA #1, LIL VAMPI #1-Yes to these!

COFFIN HILL #4-First issue was… meh… getting second issue tomorrow.

FABLES #137, FAIREST #23-Yeah…

GREEN ARROW #27, WONDER WOMAN #27, SUPERMAN WONDER WOMAN #4-Thats it for DC superheroes. Which is very sad for a DC fan like myself.

LAZARUS #7-Gets better and better.

MORNING GLORIES #37-Going back and forth on this book.

PREVIEWS #304 JANUARY 2014-Listing many future comics I will not be able to afford.

RACHEL RISING #23-My love has cooled off. The arts still awesome though.


REVIVAL #17-Another series that I’ve cooled on.

ROCKET GIRL #4, PRETTY DEADLY #4-Just copy and paste my comment on Coffin Hill. Except not getting Deadly tomorrow since its not out yet.

SAGA #18-Series has been blowing away the competition.

TAROT WITCH OF THE BLACK ROSE #84-I don’t remember whats been happening. I swear I read it for the story!

UNCANNY X-MEN #16-The solicit doesn’t give me much but my second fave book at the moment so I’ll keep buying even without much details.

VELVET #4-First issue had a predictable outcome but the build was strong.

X-MEN #9-On the the short list to be trimmed away.

UMBRAL #3-Getting issue 1 tomorrow.

MAXX MAXXIMIZED #3-Waiting for 1 but I’ve read this and YES!

I’m not adding anything to Amazon so this is it.


About CM Towns

I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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