People are saying Alan Moore fired a salvo at the mainstream comics industry. No he didn’t.

1. Marvel and DC really don’t care what Moore thinks. Yeah Marvel agreed to not credit Moore on Miracleman but they don’t really care what Moore thinks. Its not a shot when the main targets don’t notice.

2. He insulted almost everyone working in a genre. So technically he insulted writers and artists you like. In some cases creators you like more than him.

3. You read superhero comics? He insulted you as a fan.

4. Talks about superheroes being for a certain, younger aged, reader-wrote a number of superhero comics that should not be read for children that age.

5. Talks trash about the comic industry’s creators like they can just go out and make a hit indy book. No, thats not how it normally works. Many creators make their name in Marvel and DC and then spin out into indy or alternative titles. Half of Moores top selling/best known works were published by companies that were mainstream or close to it. Now he can do practically whatever he wants. Moore can’t deride the creators unless he came up exclusively indy and he didn’t.

6. He’s a prick.


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