My February 2014 Order

The following is my order form for Mail Order Comcis for books solicited for February and forward. At the end a couple of notes of books I dropped and an Amazon delivery in february thats very comic related. So lets start.

BEST OF ARCHIE COMICS BETTY & VERONICA TP VOL 01-Why not? Cheap and lots of pages.

BLACK WIDOW #3-Ordered in 3 issues, waiting on 1.

CATWOMAN TP VOL 03 UNDER PRESSURE-Lats volume of Ed Brubakers? Been good but I’m not as floored as others were.

COFFIN HILL #5, PRETTY DEADLY #5, ROCKET GIRL #5-A trio of books I’ve read 2 issues of and they look amazing. But I’m not too terribly into the stories.

FABLES #138, FAIREST #23-Countdown to the end.

FATALE #22-A weird glitch on my pull list dropped this series so I had to pre-order 321 and re-added this to make sure I got it. Loving this series.

GREEN ARROW #28, WONDER WOMAN #28, SUPERMAN WONDER WOMAN #5-Only 3 DC superhero books I’m buying right now.

GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #12, ALL NEW X-MEN #23-The crossover I didn’t ask for but will buy is in its second month with these issues.

HARLEY QUINN WELCOME TO METROPOLIS TP-Took a long time for DC to release the second trade of the Harley Quinn series so this was a surprise.

LAZARUS #8, MORNING GLORIES #38, REVIVAL #18, SATELLITE SAM #6-Liking Lazarus, losing interest on Morning Glories (dear god can we have a few issues back to back focusing on the original cast), enjoying Revival and Satellite Sam.

MAXX MAXXIMIZED #4-New coloring jobs cool, but not sure if I prefer the original coloring. Its going to be interesting reading this serialized versus who I read them all in trades.

MS MARVEL #1, SHE-HULK #1-Two new books to try. I like She-Hulk in general though not a big fan. I’m trying Ms. Marvel due to Runaways co-creator Adrian Alphona who has been mostly missing in comics since he ended his Runaways were years ago.

PREVIEWS #305 FEBRUARY 2014-To catch the smaller press and apparel not solicited in advanced.

RED SONJA #8-Issue 5 was the switch. I approve of this series. Also those Frison covers are killing it.

UMBRAL #4, VELVET #5-Books I have only read one issue for. Though I’m getting Velvet #2 Tuesday. Both debut issues were nice looking and interesting.

UNCANNY X-MEN #17-1st or 2nd fave comic depending on how All New X-Men is going that month.

VAMPIRELLA THE ESSENTIAL WARREN YEARS TP Vol. 1-I have these already but a new edition might be better. Plus a cool cover and being volume 1 so I can expect it to move past where the Crimson Chronicles Maximum trade from the now defunct Harris left off.

NOTES: Dropped X-Men. Not due to the accusations lobbied at Wood (though I did consider them) but mostly due to Kitty Pryde leaving and Rogues recent death. Thats 2 of the 4 X-Ladies I was buying the book for. Plus of the issues thus far, I didn’t care for the first arc.

Though solicited earlier, it arrives in February from Amazon-The Art of Vampirella: The Warren Years. I’m glad Dynamite is finally pushing in with Vampi’s originl works. They have been doing the Vampirella Archives but those collect full issues of Vampi’s old magazine and I wanted just the stories themselves. Plus previous Art of Vampirella books skimped on the Warren era art.


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I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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