I haven’t spoken about Gal Gadots casting as Wonder Woman so I’m going to make it brief-I’m fine with it. I could go into further detail but really the only thing that I want to say is how idiotic and sexist is it that people are body shaming Gal. People act like every interpretation of Wonder Woman is jacked like Alex Ross or done up like Adam Hughes. That is entirely untrue. Many artists have drawn her very toned and with a fit figure but not heavily muscled. Whether its original artist Harry G. Peter to silver age artist Ross Andru to the iconic version by George Perez through to the likes of current artist Cliff Chiang and lets not for get Jose Luis Garcia Lopez who did commercial art with her. yes, there are artists who draw a big bulk Diana but there are more artists who don’t.

Besides, do you honestly expect that Gal won’t be hitting the gym and putting in work? That women aren’t allowed to bulk up, or tone up for roles? Only men? Get outta here with that…


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I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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