My Geekdoms Favorites of 2013: TV Edition

For the next several weeks I will be doing these lists. Todays is TV.

Honorable Mentions
3. Princess Kenny complete with anime theme from South Park-That was hilarious. Best moments of the season.
2. Jesse Pinkman lives at the end of Breaking Bad-I thought he was going to die. Another happy surprise.
1. Part of the Glades is destroyed by Malcolm Merlyn and Tommy Merlyn dies in Arrow-People give the GA adaptation shit for being too much like Nolans Batman but this scene was actually reminiscent of the GA comics when Merlyn and the League of Assassins blew up part of Star City. Also, kind of expected Tommy to live.

FAVORITE: THE AUDIENCE FOR FINALLY REALIZING THAT DON DRAPER FROM MAD MEN IS A PIECE OF SHIT FATHER AND HUSBAND.-All that bad mouthing of Betty and she came out looking far better as a parent. Yeah, she has her problems but Mad Mans recent season was all DAMN IT DON!

Honorable Mentions
3. Orange is the New Black-The new hotness delivered with the strongest female centric cast of any show.
2. Bobs Burgers-I love this family.
1. The Good Wife-The cast has always been strong but last years ending and the first part of this season they’ve been killing it.

FAVORITE: BREAKING BAD-You know its true. Cranston and Paul get most the attention but everyone was on top. Amazing cast.

Honorable Mentions
3. Josh Charles-The Good Wifes Will Gardner has been killing it.
2. Matt Czuchry-The Good Wifes Cary Agos has also been killing it.
1. Aaron Paul-Breaking Bads Jesse Pinkman is one of the great characters of television bitch!

FAVORITE: BRYAN CRANSTON-The obvious choice.

Honorable Mentions
3. Emily Bett Rickards-As Felicity Smoak, Emily has expanded the humor of Arrow and is a great addition to that show.
2. Anna Gunn-Skylar is an important part of Breaking Bad and I can’t imagine the show without Anna Gunn or the energy she put into that character.
1. Maggie Siff-SoA had a weird season that was up and down but the one constant is that Maggie’s Tara Knowles through out. This was her season and she was the strongest part of it.

FAVORITE: JULIANNA MARGUILES-I started the Good Wife On*Demand out of boredom a few years ago but the show became addictive and Alicia Florrick is one of the best damn characters on TV. TV has the best female characters and I think Alicia Florrick is #1 right now.

Honorable Mentions
3. TIE with the Black Friday 3 parter and the Hobbit all from South Park-It was hard to pick between these. The three parter wasn’t on Imaginationland or the Superhero 3 parters level but featured Princess Kenny, Game of Thrones references, Sony vs. XBOX and just goodness all through out. However the Hobbit was one of the relevant and emotionally powerful episodes South Park has done.
2. World War Zimmerman from South Park-The standout episode and the one that will be best remembered is this episode about World War Z, George Zimmerman and the controversial Stand Your Ground Law. Beautiful satire and hit the right notes.
1. Hitting the Fan from the Good Wife-The episode that took what you knew about the show and threw it out the window. Alicia and Cary were ousted when their plans of leaving Lockhart Garnder with several associates and clients was revealed. I already was into the show but that episode was probably the best of the series.

FAVORITE: FELINA from Breaking Bad-The series finale was perfect. Included my all time favorite scene of the year when Walter White showed up at the home of his former Gray Matter partners. Everything about this was beautiful. Incredible and emotional. So damn good. I really need to get the whole series on DVD or just watch it again on Netflix.

Honorable Mentions
3. South Park-South Park had two types of episodes this season ‘okay’ and ‘fucking brilliant.’ The brilliant stuff was mostly the last half. Thats how I felt.
2. Arrow-The first season has become a fun rewatchable action series and this second season has been better than the first season. Arrow continues to be a show I can rely on.
1. The Good Wife-Really its been that good.



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