My Geekdoms Favorites of 2013: Music edition

Second week of 2013 favorites. First one was TV. Due to the fact I only did 3 categories for I extended the Honorable Mentions by one spot for both song and album. Which is impressive because I don’t buy a lot of new albums in a year but 2013 was pretty good year for music for me. Which means I listened to more than 4 albums.

Honorable Mentions
2. Death to the Format by SMP (Sounds of Mass Production)-First album in a few years for this cyberpunk group and… I don’t even remember a single jam off of it. Kind of sad since their last original album had 2 of my fave tracks they ever did.
1. Mustang by The Electric Six-Even a bad E6 album has something memorable on it but I don’t have a go to jam on this one either. Overall it was fine but lackluster.

DISAPPOINTMENT: WOLF by TYLER THE CREATOR-On a whole, this album is good and better than the Honorable Mentions but Tylers last two records as well as his contributions to the OF record last year installed a faith for something far better. My expectations were too high this time around. So yeah, good album but I felt disappointed with it still.

Honorable Mentions
4. Tie: Hallelujah by Monster Magnet & Came Back Haunted by Nine Inch Nails-I had a bit of a time trying to pick one for the bottom spot. Hallelujah is just a fun rocker jam that makes me want to strut. Came Back haunted originally did little for me but grew on me and has since become a stand out NIN track.
3. Kunst by KMFDM-The last KMFDM album was a disappointment, much like half of their music since reforming. However this opening track on their 18th album brought some of their old tongue in cheek energy with a great bit and catchy hook. KMFDM=Kill Muthu Fucking Depeche Mode.
2. Kill You In A Hip Hop Rage by Mindless Self Indulgence-They may be Industrial punk but MSI have always brought elements of hip hop to their albums and this one killed. A fast paced song with nostalgia for the old school hip hop. A fave of their latest album.
1. Get Lucky by Daft Punk-Yeah… No write up needed.

FAVORITE: THE ALMIGHTY by KABUTO THE PYTHON (ft. NICK KWAN & MAKKON)-Kabuto’s first album in a few years didn’t compare to some of his previous work but did produce a few songs I dug, specifically this killer joint that stands with his best. Nerdcore hip hop may have fizzled fast but some of those guys are damn good.

Honorable Mentions
4. Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor by Rob Zombie-This one came out of nowhere. I didn’t even know Zombie had an album out until a few weeks ago but I’ve been digging this hard rock record quite a bit.
Songs To Check Out: Dead City Radio and the New Gods of Supertown, Rock and Roll(In a Black Hole), Behold-The Pretty Filthy Creatures!
3. Random Access Memories by Daft Punk-Daft Punk put together a damn fine record. The only thing holding it back I think was a bit of unevenness with the best stuff making the good stuff look lackluster. Still, better than a lot of anything out there.
Songs to Check Out That Are Not Get Lucky: Give Life Back To Music, Giorgio by Moroder, Touch
2. Last Patrol by Monster Magnet-I don’t smoke so I don’t know what makes Monster Magnet a stoner rock band. What I know is their brand of rock music spoke to me of cosmic adventures, silver age weirdness, and of course ‘sex, drugs and rock n’ roll.’ Really I like Magnet as a comic book soundtrack and Last Patrol hit it again.
Songs To Check Out That Are Not Hallelujah: I Live Behind the Clouds, The Mindless Ones, Stay Tuned
1. Doris by Earl Sweatshirt-Hailed as the gem of OFWGKTM, Earl’s first studio album showed that the hype was fucking true. I don’t listen to much rap but this one has been banging in my player constantly. The beats, the raps-hell even the guests. One of my problems with rap is guest rappers ruining what could be good but not this on. Intense and occasionally emotional.
Songs To Check Out: Prez, Burgundy, Hive


FAVORITE: HOW I LEARNED TO STOP GIVING A SHIT AND LOVE MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE by MINDLESS SELF INDULGENCE-Not their best record but blew away everything since their last great record. For the first half of the year this album was it. What I was bumping consistently and still bumping now. This started as a Kickstarter which I donated to and it feels good that the album was worth it. I should have put in more for a shirt or jacket.
Songs to Check Out That Are Not Kill You In A Hip Hop Rage: Witness, Fuck Machine, Ass Backwards


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