My March 2014 Order

So much good stuff for 2014 but with more to come I made the decision to skip some trades and series. I’ll also be looking at things to cut from my list. For now however this is whats planned to be order based on March solicitations-which means some of these might not come out till summer.

ALL NEW X-MEN #24, GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #13-The last 2 parts of a crossover that actually doesn’t start for a few more weeks.

BLACK WIDOW #4-The first issue is out and I’m waiting for it on my next shipment which won’t be for another week, maybe week and a half. But Mail Order Comics told me they processed it. So I wait for Phil Noto art.

COFFIN HILL #6-On the list of things might be getting cut. looks good, interesting, but moving slow. Issue 3 left with the prospect of some forward movement so we’ll see.

EMPOWERED SPECIAL #6 INTERNAL MEDICINE-Brandon Graham joins Adam Warren for another Emp one shot and I’m looking forward to more Empowered goodness. Though I believe Warren will be changing the format for future Emp one-shot projects. At least I believe he said that on Twitter…

FABLES #139, FAIREST #24-Countdown to the end. I also need to read by Fairest OGN.

FATALE DELUXE HC VOL 01-I gripped with whether to buy this or not since I have the issues but since the announcement that the series ends with #24 I figure a pair of nice hardcovers will be cool to own.

GREEN ARROW #29-Mixed on this title. It looks better and reads better than the previous GA creators but still does not ring true to me.

MAXX MAXXIMIZED #5-Reading this in serialized manner is so strange. Love the new covers. Mixed feelings on new coloring job.

MORNING GLORIES #39-I need a sign to whether to keep this or not.

MS MARVEL #2, SHE-HULK #2-Digging the preview art for the first issues.

LAZARUS #9, VEIL #1 (OF 5)-Greg Rucka comics. Lazarus has been a blast.

RACHEL RISING #24-Some concern this might end soon and while the last few issues have been a mixed bag I still greatly enjoy it and hope it runs a little longer.

RED SONJA #9 HANS COVER-This one grown on me through the first arc. Normally go with Jenny Frison cover but went Stephanie Hans this time out.

REVIVAL #19, SATELLITE SAM #7, UMBRAL #5-Really enjoy Revival, like Satellite Sam, mixed on Umbral.

STRAY BULLETS UBER ALLIES-The complete Stray Bullets. I have a HC from years back but never followed through because of how difficult it was to track trades down. This edition includes issues 1 through 40 and the decade late #41 which will also be released by it self.

SUPERMAN WONDER WOMAN #6, WONDER WOMAN #29-Both entertaining but neither must read.

TAROT WITCH OF THE BLACK ROSE #85-Could probably cut this one easy but…

UNCANNY X-MEN #18 & #19-I don’t know what either of these are about but I do like the above cover even though I am a hardcore Cyclops fan.

No new issue of Fatale, Velvet, and Rocket Girl. Rocket Girls schedule is confusing me. Also picking up Previews. This time out I did not add anything I saw in Previews to my list but saw a solicit for Space Adventure Cobra TV part 1. A famous anime series so I might pre-order that on Amazon. No trades on Amazon for March though I considered pre-ordering the Zatanna/Black canary OGN but I decided no since I wanted to cut trades down as well. I got too much stuff and ordering too much.

Looking ahead into 2014 Image brings much goodness. Looking into The Nameless(Morrison, Burnham), Bitch Planet (DeConnick, De Landro), Restoration (Willingham, Kitson), Fade Out (Brubaker, Philips) and Cerulean (Spencer, Irving). I know I’ll pick up a few of those, maybe even all. Plus possible Morrison projects in the long awaited Multiversity (with several artists), Wonder Woman: Trial of Diana Prince (with Yanick Paquette) and Annhiliator (with Frazer Irving). New DC titles soon to be announced for April and no doubt more MarvelNOW! Got to tighten the belt.

Damn 2014!!!


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One Response to My March 2014 Order

  1. wwayne says:

    I absolutely love Superman/Wonder Woman. At present it’s my favorite comic book, along with Witchblade and a Dark Horse series called simply “X”.
    Superman/Wonder Woman has some things I deeply adore and rarely find in superhero comics.
    First of all, it’s full of slice – of – life moments. Also, those “ordinary life” scenes involve not only Clark and Diana, but also the supporting characters: think about the first issue, with Clark simply enjoying a coffee with Cat, or Diana having a nice chat with Hessia in the gym.
    Secondly, it has a large and intriguing supporting cast. Usually superhero comics are entirely focused on their leading characters: in this series, on the contrary, Clark and Diana are often upstaged by supporting characters like Cat, Hessia, Apollo and so on.
    Also, these characters are very interesting: for example, I didn’t know Cat until a few months ago, but she was so greatly introduced in these first issues that I already feel invested in her.
    Thirdly, the plot is very rich. Usually the whole point of a superhero comic book is the fight between its leading character and a villain: in this series, on the contrary, the villain appears only in one page or two, and all the other pages are focused on subplots like Clark and Diana’s relationship, the envelope Cat received in her office, Clark getting to know Diana’s family and so on.
    This series definitely is an instant classic. In 2020 and 2030 we’ll look back to the 2013 issues of Superman/Wonder Woman and say: “I can’t believe how lucky I was to read such a beautiful series each month.”

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