My Geekdoms Favorites of 2013: Movie Edition

I already did TV, Music, and Comic Books. Now for the fourth of the five I had plan-movies. The reason this took so long is simple-2013 WAS TERRIBLE FOR MOVIES! Had a hard time with this one but ultimately went my usual route for picking the films I’m more likely to watch again. So this list is all over the place compared to my previous two.

Honorable Mentions
2. Previews Were Lackluster-Seems like making a trailer is getting harder and harder for Hollywood. Very few film trailers hyped me up.
1. Franchises Looked or Were Bad-Started with Die Hard 5 and rolled on. Don’t get me wrong, a few franchise sequels/reboots were damn good but some underwhelmed or were just not good.

REASON: FILMS LOOKED LIKE A CHORE-Seriously, a number of serious films looked boring and/or depressing. I don’t care how many top flight stars you have, for me to get out to a theater and just pay 7.50 I’m going to need a little something more. And I live a ten minute walk from a movie theater! To be honest I’m not even interested in home videos for a lot of “good films.”

Honorable Mentions
1. The Worlds End-Good movie. Nothing I can say bad about it and kept me entertained but I’m not sure I’ll see it again. At least after I watch this Edgar Wright DVD set.

FAVORITE: 12 YEARS A SLAVE-That was one brutal masterpiece. Brutal. Seriously, should win lots of awards but I highly doubt I’ll watch this again.

Honorable Mentions
3. Emma Thompson for saving Mr. Banks-Yeah, I liked the film and she deserved the praise. The movie was prettied version of true events but you got to give it Disney for knowing how make feel good films you can get behind.
2. Jena Malone for Catching Fire-She killed that.
1. Lupita Nyong’o for 12 Years A Slave-While she’s my runner-up I fully support her getting an Oscar. This role, man, 12 Years a Slave was brutal. Seriously-her part was… Yeah…

FAVORITE: JENNIFER LAWRENCE for CATCHING FIRE, AMERICAN HUSTLE-Catching Fire made me a believer. I didn’t care before that. Now I believe in the Hunger Games. Also, American Hustle was disappointing and Jennifer Lawrence’s scenes were the best. Too good for the movie really. More of her, less of everything else. Seriously she was the high point in an “Oscar caliber film” that I didn’t care for.

Honorable Mentions
3. Michael Fassbender for 12 Years A Slave-Fuck you Fassbender. I hate you now.
2. Chiwetel Ejiofor for 12 Years A Slave-Chitwetel has always brought it in every film I seen him in. He’s got the goods. Probably gonna lose at the Oscars.
1. Michael Shannon for Man of Steel-Look, MoS was a mixed bag but Shannon was straight tearing things up. One of the three stand outs in this film-the other being Amy Adams as Lois and I’ll get to the third later.

FAVORITE: COLIN FARRELL for SAVING MR. BANKS-Sometimes you see a movie and you know there is a certain actor or actress in it but the previews/commercials didn’t give you a glimpse at that role. Thats how it was with Farrell and he stole the film. Playing the father of Mary Poppins creator PL Travers, Farrell showed once again that with the right material he can make magic. I’m telling you, I walked out of this film saying “Why aren’t the critics talking about Farrell?”

Honorable Mentions
3. Zack Snyder for Man of Steel-MoS had lots of problems but DAMN did it look good. The action sequences, fights, and visual. The actors were all good too. Its just the idiocy of the story. Still, great looking and moving film.
2. Guillermo Del Toro for Pacific Rim-Big geeky fun. Performances were over the top, had big effects and attitudes. Made up for some of the weaker elements. Del Toro is one of the best directors out there and while Rim is not his masterpiece I enjoyed the hell out of it more and more.
1. Fede Alvarez for Evil Dead-Second favorite horror franchise and this reboot was damn fucking good. The actors were game, the effects killer, and the visuals just put it altogether.

FAVORITE: STEVE McQUEEN FOR 12 YEARS A SLAVE-I’ll never watch this movie again. Should win all the Oscars.

Honorable Mentions
3. Saving Mr. Banks-I was surprised to like this one as much as I did. Good looking film, strong script, and two of the best performances I saw this year.
2. Pacific Rim-I have GO TO FILMS which are movies I can pop in just because. For all of Pacific Rims weak points its still fun enough to put in anytime.
1. Evil Dead-Dead is the same. A GO TO FILM that was overall better than Rim for me.

FAVORITE: (TIE)12 YEARS A SLAVE, HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE-I already spoke on 12 Years A Slave. An emotional ride that will pull you down. There’s not much else to add.

Catching Fire? It was miles better than the first film AND MADE ME READ THE BOOKS! Now thats a successful sequel. One of the only films I saw twice in theaters. The film looked better, the story was tighter, the performances were stronger, everything was better than the first film. Of course now that I read the books the next films are going to suck.


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