My Geekdoms Favorites of 2013: Wrestling Edition

This one is late. TV, Music, Comic Books, and Movies are done. The reason wrestling is late is because I still haven’t watched all my 2013 videos because some will be published later. Others are on my SMVOD account and due to the issues with their new player a 3 hour show is closer to 4 hours with loading and reloading. But this is what I got.


ASHES for CHIKARA/WRESTLING IS…-Really, its been a lackluster year for the companies I follow very closely. I guess the Silas young/Eddie Kingston feud in AAW was good as was Daniel Bryans ascent to the top of WWE but for the most part CHIKARA has been much more focused on narrative and plot then most wrestling companies. The attention to detail, dedication to story, and the interactive nature has put CHIKARA’s “closing” on top. It was the buzz story and with its return (just a week ago) the buzz is alive! The critics are starting to eat their words.

Honorable Mentions
3. Dean Ambrose for WWE-Deans a joy to hear talk.
2. Adam Cole for PWG and Ring of Honor-He’s a prick. Enjoyable prick.
1. Daniel Bryan for WWE-Was on top of his game. Underrated promo guy.

FAVORITE: EDDIE KINGSTON for AAW, CHIKARA, WRESTLING IS HEART AND RING OF HONOR-Kingston’s promos were killer in AAW and some of the only promo work I’ve seen in ROH that I liked. His stuff for CHIKARA including his memorable non sanctioned piece going into a match with Hallowicked at WrestleCon.

5. Best Friends (Chuck Taylor and Trent?) for PWG-One of the hot new tag teams of PWG-the always reliable Chuck Taylor and former WWE wrestler turned buzz indy star Trent? have such great chemistry. They have been burning up the PWG tag division in only three matches for 2013. Of course they might be higher next year with the results of PWGs recent DDT show.
4. Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan and Kane) for WWE-Obvious choice.
3. The Colony (Green Ant, Fire Ant, assailANT) for CHIKARA and Various Wrestling Is…-The Colony is an always reliable team. Some very good mutli-man matches through out the year.

2. The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins) for WWE-One of the only things I tune into WWE for.

1. THE YOUNG BUCKS for PWG and CHIKARA-Its amazing, these guys. I really need to check out their NJPW work. Seriously, Young Bucks have elevated the tag team craft this year. Like almost every year. The most in demand team on the indy scene and now junior division in Japan. Untouchable.

(note-I need to watch more)
5. Madison Eagles for SHIMMER-Only seen a handful of matches but not only was she impressive but had one of my fave womens matches of the year.
4. Athena for SHIMMER and WSU-One of the hottest wrestling starlets. Athena’s got the athleticism and personality to put the game into a choke hold.
3. Kana for SHIMMER-Kicking bitches in the face.

2. Ayako Hamada for SHIMMER-Also kicking bitches in the face. Hamada and Kana (#3 choice) had one of the best matches of 2012 that was released in the Spring of 2013. So I can’t give them a best match spot but that single match elevated both their standings here.

1. Mercedes Martinez for SHIMMER and WSU-Martinez in Shimmer produced high quality matches against Cheerleader Melissa or Ayumi Kurihara and the one match I saw from WSU with her was memorable hardcore brawl with Lufisto. Mercedes Martinez is on top of the game.

10. John Cena for WWE-I’m not a big Cena fan by any stretch but his matches have been damn good. Especially against Bryan or Damian Sandow. I got to give credit. Plus that Half Nelson Neckbreaker is pretty sweet.
9. Kevin Steen for PWG, Ring of Honor, Beyond Wrestling-I don’t watch too much ROH (barley any) and only seen a little Beyond but the from all that and his work in PWG puts Steen up on top of any list as far as I’m concerned. One of the big draws on the indy circuit for good reason.
8. Adam Cole for PWG, CZW, Ring of Honor-One again only a little from ROH and also little from CZW (damn iPPV rules from ROH) but he’s been such a wonderful prick in PWG. His matches have been damn good. Cole is money.
7. Sami Zayn for WWE NXT-Only seen a few of his NXT matches but each one was better than most everything else. Sami Zayn is the fucking man. Don’t know whats taking WWE so long to call him up. Thats a complaint that is shared with at least four other NXT people.
6. Drew Gulak for CZW, Beyond Wrestling, Wrestling Is (Art, Respect)-Got to watch a lot of Drew Gulak and I would say there is no one in wrestling who comes close as far as pure technical skill goes. I believe in the Gulak Campaign. I believe he is the right man for CZW!
5. Johnny Gargano for CHIKARA, PWG, Beyond Wrestling, DragonGate USA-Gargano is gold where ever he goes. Loved him in CHIKARA (hope he is on the new roster) and been digging him in PWG. Also the one DragonGate match against Chris Hero was beautiful.
4. Antonio Cesaro for WWE and NXT-Cesaro is a beast. Remember that.

3. AR Fox for PWG, CZW, WSU, Beyond Wrestling, DragonGate USA-There are so many excellent high fliers but AR Fox seems to be a leap above. The man is fucking insane. I love hearing Chuck Taylor do commentary on Fox’s matches because he makes the reckless abandon even sweeter. Really, this man has not let me down in 2013.

2. Chuck Taylor for CHIKARA, PWG, CZW, Wrestling Is (Heart, Art, Cool), DragonGate USA, 24/7 Championship-When constructing this list and putting the places everyones wrestled down I realized just how many companies Taylor is in and how much I’ve seen of him. In CZW against Drew Gulak, teaming with Gargano or Trent? in PWG, having a show stealer with the debuting Shynron in CHIKARA, or grappling with Etsonian Thudner Frog across Wrestling is Heart and Wrestling is Art. Also that 24/7 title. Taylor should be on everyones roster. He may not be that MOTYC guy but the fans love him and he is a joy to watch.

1. Daniel Bryan for WWE-‘Nuff Said.

10. Drew Gulak vs. Chris Dickinson @ Beyond Wrestling Americarana 7-21-13-I know the focus for the show was Biff Busick vs. Eddie Edwards but I preferred this match. One of my favorite Gulak matches of the year. Plus Dickinson is a monster.
9. Takashi Sugiura vs Naomichi Marufuji @ NOAH 6-13-13-Watched very little Puroresu this year and this one onyl caught because I needed to catch some Marufuji. Damn this one was great.
8. Madison Eagles vs. Jessie McKay @ Shimmer vol. 53 4-6-2013-Madison Eagles is one of the most talented women around and while I never was a big Jesse McKay fan this match showcased just why people love her. Top SHIMMER match of 2013.
7. Johnny Gargano vs. “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen @ PWG BOLA Night 2 8-31-13-My favorite from BOLA 2013.
6. Paige vs. Emma @ NXT 6-20-13-The emotion on display tipped this one up very high. I love Paige. Emma’s alright.

5. The Colony vs. The Devastation Corp. @ Chikara Aniversario: Never Compromise 6-2-13-Almost forgot about this crazy trios brawl. Totally insane as the Colony defeated the much larger team of the Devastation Corporation. Great stuff.

4. Katsuyori Shibata vs. Tomohiro Ishii @ NJPW G1 Climax 8-4-13-A buzz match that truly delivers on that buzz. I really need to watch more Puro.

3. Daniel Bryan vs John Cena @ WWE Summerslam 8-18-2013-Everyone was doing the YES chant for this masterpiece.

2. Sami Zayn vs Antonio Cesaro 2 out of 3 Falls @ WWE NXT Episode 183 8-21-13-Want to know why Zayn is amazing and Cesaro is a beast? This. The best match of WWE in 2013.

1. AR Fox & Inner City Machine Guns (Ricochet & Rich Swann) vs. Unbreakable F’N Steen Machines (Brian Cage, Michael Elgin & “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen) @ PWG All Star Weekend 9 3-23-1-I know its a bit of a surprise. It probably wouldn’t pop up on too many top 10 lists but I loved this match so much. So fun. Pure gold.


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