My April Order 2014

Between this post and the last post about my orders Mail Order Comics closed, went bankrupt and Diamond had DCBS take over all outstanding orders. Ever talk to a man and has world ones crumbling down? I have. Its depressing. In the process of dealing with a new service and managing my own spending I cut several titles. Coffin Hill just had not reached a real “go” moment for me. Green Arrow is a brilliant looking book but I don’t care about the clans. I can buy tarot in trades. Dropped Veil before starting but I’ll get the trade. Also dropped Superman/Wonder woman. I also am going to the comic shop and picking up a couple books.

AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE TP VOL 01 ESCAPE FROM RIVERDALE-The zombie Archie comic sounds amusing so I’m going to try it in trades.

ALL NEW X-MEN #25, ALL NEW X-MEN #26-Recently announced Cyclops ongoing. I wonder if he’s sticking around ANXM. It would be weird to have the book continue without him.

BLACK WIDOW #5-The first 2 issues were pretty damn good.

FABLES #140, FAIREST #25-Fables is building up nicely. The current Fairest arc is good abut I don’t know what this solicited issue is about.

FATALE #23-One more issue after this I believe.

HARLEY QUINN #5-I picked up all the issues at the comic shop. It was fun.

MAXX MAXXIMIZED #6-I considered dropping it because-as I mentioned before-have them in trades. However its been a joy to reread them in the original serialized manner.

MS MARVEL #3, SHE-HULK #3-Haven’t read either. But Ms. marvel will be arriving soon.

PREVIEWS #307 APRIL 2014-To know whats up.

RACHEL RISING #25-Read this book.

RED SONJA #10-Skipping my usual Jenny Frison cover for Alison Sohn. Issue 7 had been delayed so I just found out its coming out this Wednesday.

REVIVAL #20, SATELLITE SAM #8, UMBRAL #6-Good times.

UNCANNY X-MEN #20-Its a weird time in which I buy more Marvel books than DC.

WONDER WOMAN #30-Wow-the only original Nu52 tile I’m still with.

X-MEN NO MORE HUMANS OGN HC-had to get this added because couldn’t find it on the catalog. I love me some X-Men.

4 Image books not out. Not surprised about Rocket Girl but Velvet, Lazarus and Saga I had expected. Its hard to tell about Saga sometimes.

DCBS… Well-I think the discounts might be better. I don’t like that there is no UPS but the shipping rate is cheaper. Site is fine, I guess better than MOC’s but I never really complained about MOC’s site after the first few months.


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I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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