I was at the comic shop the other day. Its become a routine again since after the issues with my mail order. While My account has switched from MOC to DCBService I hit up the shop during the transition period and now I’ve been trying books I’m not ordering. I’ve picked up some stuff here and there but every time I walk into the shop I say to my friend “Damn, Marvels got some more new stuff.”

Today there was new series such as Moon Knight, Magneto and the relaunch of Wolverine & the X-Men. The second issue of the newest New Warriors series. Last week Fantastic 4 relaunched. In the last few months we’ve had Black Widow, Ms. Marvel, She-Hulk, a relaunch of Captain Marvel and probably a lot I’m forgetting. Marvels doing Cyclops-my favorite Marvel character. Whats DC been launching in the last several months? Harley Quinn. That’s all that comes to mind. Marvels been firing on all cylinders, trying to throw out option after option and DC seems to be so concerned about “special month events” and weekly series. Its frustrating.

I’m a DC fanboy at heart and I am down to 2 DC ongoings and some Vertigo. I rush to the solicits to see whats happening and hope for something to rekindle the DC love and I’m getting nothing. Sinestro series sounds neat and all but that’s the big #1 happening? Not counting the pair of weekly series. DC keeps trying to get that 52 lightning but I am unimpressed with both weekly books. Batman: Eternal? I’m buying no Batman titles why would I jump to one a week? There is only one writer on the line up I kind of like and don’t know what else is going down. There is some other one that’s set 5 years later? What? Why? No thanks. 52 had Grant Morrison, Greg Rucka and Geoff Johns and I was very much into the bulk of their work at the time. I don’t consider any of these having the same sort of buzz to them.

Now when I look at Marvels solicits I’m excited. I am not a big Marvel fan. I don’t care for any of their big franchises outside X-Men but I’m trying and liking a number of books. Marvel Now has been a success. It started with me giving All New X-Men a chance. A book written by a writer I generally avoided but I enjoyed so much I picked up Uncanny X-Men too. I slowly started paying more attention to the solicits. Though I was apprehensive at first and not impressed with the few books I tried the buzz was overall good. Sure some books got more buzz than others but people were talking. I am now starting to make more of an effort. Black Widow was a surprise. The first issues for Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk were entertaining. Today as I was looking through the releases I picked up the first two issues of New Warriors and the Fantastic 4. I don’t even like the F4 but decided to give it a shot because I was curious about the team.

While Marvel has been generating a strong reaction to their efforts Image and the indy’s have been making big moves. Critical and with some with commercial success. The alternative comic companies are eating into the market share of the big two. if thats not big deal enough Image comics is #1 in the book market.

So where is DC? Putting faith in some weekly series? Being content with their female lead titles and lack of effort to expand diversity? DC, for me, is not doing or announcing anything that excites me. When I turn on to website the news, rumors and buzz is rarely with them. I feel as if DC moving West was their biggest news story in over a year. Thats not good.

I don’t know, I guess maybe I’m just angry. Annoyed. Just want to return to the comic book company I love and buy a bunch of stuff.

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I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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