My May Order 2014 + More

My latest DCBS order and stuff I might pick up at the LCS.

DCBS Order
ALL NEW X-MEN #27, UNCANNY X-MEN #21-The amazement on ANXM has died down. The Trial Of Jean grey’s been good but the continuity issues (It was a doppleganger who did that stuff as Phoenix which is a retcon that is now being retconned) is a bit annoying. However my joy of Uncanny is rising. Good stuff.

BLACK WIDOW #6, SHE-HULK #4-Widow has been a revelation. Like Hawkeye, I don’t care for the character but the book itself is hitting high notes each time out. I read the second issue of She-Hulk a few days ago and WOW! I’m a DC fanboy but Marvels got me.

CHEW / REVIVAL #1-I don’t read Chew but I read Revival. So thats whats up.

CYCLOPS #1-Cyclops fanboy reporting.

FABLES #141, FAIREST #26-It seems like the little DC I buy is tying up. Fables is running until 150 and I don’t know when its sister series Fairest wraps up.

FATALE #24-When I heard it was ending in #24 I bought the hardcover. Yeah… I’m going to miss you.

HARLEY QUINN #6, WONDER WOMAN #31-Harley Quinn has been incredibly fun. WW is running towards the end of its controversial yet successful run. I might be down to 1 DC book. Thats no good for a DC fanboy.

MARVEL BOY TP NEW PTG-A Morrison book I have not read.

MAXX MAXXIMIZED #7, MAXX MAXXIMIZED HC VOL 01-Been enjoying the re-issues and why not buy the trades?

MS MARVEL #4-I’m expecting issue 2 in my next package which will probably ship next week and arrive the week after. Issue 1 was good. Glad to see Adrian Alphona back.

RED SONJA #11 FRISON CVR-Those Jenny Frison covers are usually the best of all offered. Anyway, Sonja has been killing it. Enjoying it quite a lot.

SAGA #19-Its Saga.

SATELLITE SAM #9-I like Satellite Sam and am curious of whats happening next.

From the LCS + Online Stores
Doom Patrol Omnibus-I love this series from Grant Morrison and Richard case (and a few others). I just don’t want to pay a lot. Luckily I found a decent pre-order at almost half off. Still not sure though.

Veil #3-Due to the switch over from MOC and DCBS I pulled this off but I’m going to finish it at the LCS.

Tomb Raider #4-Actually missed issue 2 the other day. If I don’t grab it next time I won’t make it this far.

Fantastic 4 #4 and 5-Curious but we’ll see.

Elektra #2-Going to check out issue 1 when it drops.

Maybe Green Arrow too…


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