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New on 8Tracks

My new one. Soundtrack to sexy girls with guns shooting things and beating people up. Some explosions thrown in there too. They find love… if they have time. Maybe just sex. Whatever works. By Yourself-Dirty Pair Blowin Sky High-Berlin Revenge … Continue reading

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Top 4 Comics: Alan Moore

I don’t really like Alan Moore too much. Yeah, I get it, he wrote the Watchmen and other important works. The thing is-a lot of what I have tried never made me go forward or excited me to run out … Continue reading

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Favorite Films-Virtuosity

Virtuosity is both my second favorite Denzel Washington movie and my second favorite Russel Crowe movie. Its also one of my all time favorite science fiction films. Pretty good for a film sitting at 33% on Rotten Tomatoes. Virtuosity is … Continue reading

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The problem I have with this colorists getting royalties is the fact that comics get recolored. I know some get recolored because their older but that doesn’t mean that comics that are out now will not get a redo in … Continue reading

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Cyber-Thriller on 8Tracks

Rinzler-Daft Punk Cowgirl-Underworld Selling Rebellion-Ayria The Hacker-Clock DVA Ghosted Gobling-ytcracker Blackjacks-SMP Stealing-tack Head Modern Angel-Front 242 Today-KMFDM Blow You Away[ remix]-Pigface Bled For Days-Static X Power Tools For Girls-Videodrone So Long-Everlast Force Quit-ChemLab

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Power Girl

This is my favorite Power Girl redesign I have ever seen. Lots focus on covering up but lack actual design that pops. In fact, some are so concerned with practically or covering up they are bland and boring and make … Continue reading

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Podcast 5 I review comics, a little movies and recent episode of Mad Me plus plus for my various sites.

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