My June Order 2014 + More

Following is my DCBS order plus some stuff to pick up at the comic shop.

ALL NEW X-MEN #28, UNCANNY X-MEN #22-X-Men still good but I think I got some new Marvel faves on top.
BLACK WIDOW #7-Now this might be my top fave at Marvel right now.
CYCLOPS #2-Waiting on #1.
FABLES #141-Resolicited from the previous month.

HARLEY QUINN #7, WONDER WOMAN #32 BOMBSHELLS VAR COVERS-Thanks to DC allowing for the variants to be ordered at regular price I am picking up both for the only two DC books left on my DCBS.
MAXX MAXXIMIZED #8-Need to read my copy of #6.
MS MARVEL #5, SHE-HULK #5-Waiting on issue 3 from Ms. marvel but the first two issues have been fun. She-Hulk has been a blast.

NEW VAMPIRELLA #1 MAIN DODSON-Picking up the Dodson cover over the otehr covers. Thought about picking up the bundle with several covers but no. Looking forward to getting back into Vampi. Though I thought her latest mini Southern Gothic (I think it was) was pretty good.
RACHEL RISING #26-Need to reread issues 1-24.
REVIVAL #21, SAGA #20, SATELLITE SAM #10, VELVET #6-Four excellent books from Image comics.
RED SONJA #12 BUSCEMA EXC SUBSCRIPTION VAR-usually get the Frison cover but preferred the Buscema cover this time out. Read the recently released #8 and the series keep firing on all cylinders.

At the comic shop I’ll pick up Batman Eternal, Shutter, Sinestro and Silver Surfer. Might try The Wicked + The Divine. Might try Elektra. Depending on my feelings for issues 3-4 of Fantastic 4 thats a possibility.


About CM Towns

I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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