Living for Love on 8Tracks

Songs about love and infatuation and other such nonsense.

Change Your Life-Anna Tsuchiya
Shuruba-Tokyo Jihen
U Got the Look-Prince
PYT-Michael Jackson
Under the Gun-the Sisters of Mery
Goth Girls-MC Frontalot
Nerd Lust-Schaffer the Darklord
Dizzy-Souxsie and the Banshees
Faust from Phantom of the Paradise
Perfect Drug-Nine Inch Nails
Pictures of You-The Cure
Beautiful Disaster-311
Little*Date from Ranma 1/2
Lonely in Gorgeous from Paradise Kiss by Tommy February6
I’m In Love Again-The Animals
Midnight Blues-Cherlene


About CM Towns

I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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