My August Orders

Haven’t done this in a while but I need to try to update the blog a few times a week. Here is a list of comics I am ordering through DCBS and I will also list planned books to pick up at the LCS and maybe Amazon.

13 COINS #1 (OF 6)-I like Simon Bisley but have not read much drawn by him. I wanted the variant cover but trying to keep cost down, especially after the previous months order. I don’t even know what the books about to be honest.

ALL NEW X-MEN #31, UNCANNY X-MEN #25-Because X-Men.

BLACK WIDOW #9, PUNISHER #9-Crossover. I don’t plan to keep Punisher afterward because already buying too much books plus, well, I don’t care about the Punisher.

CYCLOPS #4-Waiting on issue 2. Issue 1 was pretty good.

DEATH VIGIL #2 (OF 8)-Waiting on issue 1. picking up because I want to check out a book by Stjepan Sejic. Like 13 Coin, I really don’t know what this book is about.

FABLES #143, FAIREST #28-Wow… coming close to the end.

FADE OUT #1-From the team behind Fatale, which I love, and Criminal, which I have not read.

HACK SLASH SON OF SAMHAIN #2-Why is this back after a strong ending? Well-different writer so… I love Cassie Hack though.

HARLEY QUINN #9 DCU SELFIE, HARLEY QUINN #10-I like this book. Its silly fun.

MAXX MAXXIMIZED #10-Love Maxx, like this reissue series.

MULTIVERSITY #1-FINALLY!!! I’ve been waiting patiently until patience ran out but its here. Thank you! Morrison is back and bringing the crazy multiverse action! This is on the top of my list when it comes out. I might even pick it up from the LCS just cause.

NEW VAMPIRELLA #3 MAIN DODSON-First issue was alright but held promise. Liked the Terry Dodson cover over the others.

RACHEL RISING #28, REVIVAL #23-Horror comics which are good.

RED SONJA #14 LIANG VAR-Great series and went with Yasmin Liang cover.

SAGA #22-Of course.

SENSATION COMICS FEATURING WONDER WOMAN #1, WONDER WOMAN #34 DCU SELFIE VAR ED-I think the WW series has picked up some real steam and now a new series? Oh yeah…

SHE-HULK #7-Fun series.

SHUTTER #5-been picking up at the LCS and now moving to the mail order. excellent newish Image title.

At Amazon Attack on Titan vol. 13 and Hawkeye vol. 3. May pick up Elektra (great looking book), Silver Surfer (very fun book), Sinestro (good book), the Wicked + the Divine (still yet to debut), and Judge Anderson (which I put on my order originally but took off in an effort to keep cost down).


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I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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