First Issues

A week or so ago The Wicked + The Divine came out. The book by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie is about godlike beings living among us and being celebrities. I think. There was a concert and a woman named Lucifer who might have been framed by the end of the story. It looked really good but I found myself rather detached from the story. That’s just me as the response to the book seems to be very positive. I don’t follow reviews but its hard to miss between Tumblr, Twitter, and comic news sites. Once again I felt like I was missing something, like I did with Saga’s first issue.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Saga but I did not go gaga over the first issue. Or even the second issue. It wasn’t until a few issues in that Saga became a must read book for me. The first issue though-I thought it was good. A great looking issue that was well done, just not what I would give 5 stars to. I can not put into words why I felt it was less than 5 stars, maybe I just was not yet sure about the characters or the reasons why the leads were being hunted. Maybe I was just not at first too interested in two aliens of different races running from their respective races. Whatever the reason my opinion of Saga quickly grew as my opinion grew on Fatale or on the opposite side of the spectrum, diminished quickly for Batwoman in the Nu52 or even East of West. In those cases, both those debut issues got great reviews (maybe not five stars but close) and not only did I not like them-I disliked what came after. Though both beautiful books, amazing looking.

I guess one of my problems with comic book first issues is that, more times than not, they are not a complete story. They are part 1 and can be incredibly misleading. Other times I guess its juts my interest level depends on character and/or story. With The Wicked + The Divine I was not all that into the characters and the story I was still unsure of. Its weird because I believe myself to be pretty lax about what I look for in entertainment. I try to keep optimistic before trying something new, I cut slack on a lot of things, but knock out first issues are such a rarity for me. In fact I can not remember the last first issue I would rate 5 stars. Black Widow #1 of the newest volume was probably closest in a long time. Probably the best first issues I can remember reading would probably be Formerly Known as the Justice League #1 and Seven Soldiers of Victory #0. With Formerly-not only was I pretty unfamiliar with DC it was the first comic I bought that transitioned me from casual comic reader to hardcore due to having a job and an LCS. It was hilarious and just too damn fun. With Seven Soldiers-by god it was just insane. Of course both books really worked as single issues, specifically Seven Soldiers which was really a prologue for the rest of that event. I tend to like done-in-ones quite a bit but usually when it features characters I already know or the series has developed for a period of time.

Sometimes I wonder if its just me. Sometimes I think its a result of the amount of mediocre comics out that make good comics even better. Maybe its a combination of both. Maybe I’m thinking too much about it.


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