Ladies Love Comics-Get Over It!

With the changes happening in the Bat-Office, including the hiring of more female creators and focus on female characters such as a new Batgirl creative team we of course are seeing the ever so popular GIRLS DON’T LIKE SUPERHERO COMICS! THAT DEMOGRAPHIC DOESN’T CARE!

Hey-if you’re saying this you’re an idiot. A fucking idiot. That’s the truth. Not an opinion.

If you believe that a person is only a fan of superheroes or comics if they buy a lot of books than you need to get your head checked. Why should people buy a lot of books if they don’t like a lot of books? If a bunch of fans go to a comic shop wanting to buy books but walks out with only one or two, they are still a comic fan. They chose to purchase based on what they view as quality. A decision to stay away from comics-specifically a brand of superhero comics does not mean someone is not interested in the product, it means they are not interested in the stories being told. I love DC heroes but I buy 3 superhero books from them. Does that make me less a DC fan because I don’t like their books? No. Just as it doesn’t make a woman uninterested in Batbooks just because they choose to skip buying them because they don’t see anything that interests them. Maybe the problem is you thinking everything needs to cater to you and people who disagree are wrong. They’re not wrong, you’re a fucking idiot.

Comic fans, start growing up. Female fans are buying comics-specifically in the digital market. But you knew that when you started trying to dismiss Ms. Marvel being Marvel comics top digital book. So I guess you may not learn better, but people like me will take pleasure in watching your kind die out.


About CM Towns

I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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