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WWE Has Problems

WWE has several particular problems facing it. The one most notable in business news is the lackluster performance of the WWE Network and the new TV deal not being the cash cow they expected which has lead to Vince McMahon … Continue reading

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Never Sleep Again: Elm Street Tribute on 8Tracks

A tribute to my fave horror franchise A Nightmare on Elm Street. This mix includes a little music from the film series plus things I picked out I thought fit. Nightmare on Elm Street Theme Running From This Nightmare-Tuesday Knight … Continue reading

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Frank Miller’s Ronin Fanmix on 8tracks

A fanmix to the under appreciated 1983/84 classic, Ronin. About a nameless samurai and a demon whose battle in feudal Japan continues into a dystopian New York. Yes-an influence on Samurai Jack. Quite Unusual by Front 242 Man-Amplifiers by Clock … Continue reading

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Mystery Inc., A Scooby Doo Unlike Any Before

Been on Netflix quite a bit over the last several months and recently discovered that the Scooby Doo series, Mystery Inc, was up on the streaming service. Having not finished it I had to jump on the last series incarnation … Continue reading

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Jose Chung’s It Came From Outer Space

One of my all time favorite episodes of anything is the X-Files gem Jose Chung’s From Outer Space. Its an episode that pops up in top 10 lists for X-Files, usually below such other episodes classics in Home, The Post-Modern … Continue reading

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Boss of the World: Bull Nakano Tribute on 8tracks

Tribute to wrestler Bull Nakano. One of only two women to have held the two oldest womens titles (WWWA est. 1937, WWF/E est. 1956) and the first woman to win Mexico’s most prominent womens belt, CMLL Womens Title. Bad ass! … Continue reading

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G1 Climax

I’ve been on a bit of a burn out with wrestling this year. I decided to cut down drastically because of cash spent and time spent. However, I’ve been able to keep more in touch with Japan’s premier wrestling promotion-New … Continue reading

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