Comic Thoughts: LCS 9-10-14

Hit up the LCS for a few books. They didn’t have Grant Morrison and Frazer Irving’s Annhilator which was strange. Morrison is a hit maker, I imagine this one will do well for a small press book. Luckily I have it on order. I was just curious about picking it up then instead of waiting a week.

Fantastic 4 #10 was another solid issue. I’m not an FF fan but decided to give this book a try. Really liking Sue Storm and the mystery has me intrigued but I wish writer James Robinson would pick up the pace a little.

Dawn/Vampirella #1 was actually pretty fun. Despite the treating of Vampi as very blood thirty I quite enjoyed it. It had a sort of silver age pacing where it got right into it and moved quick while juggling some exposition. The villain and weirdness of it definitely struck me. Definitely looking forward to the second issue.


About CM Towns

I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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