Comics for November and On

My DCBS order followed by my possible LCS pick ups

13 COINS #4 (OF 6)-Still waiting on issue 1, which drops in October. Though I guess this series is or was available online somewhere.

AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #8 REG FRANCAVILLA CVR, SABRINA #3 CREEPSHOW VAR CVR-Believe the hype. Afterlife is awesome and so I’m down with Sabrina. The preview for issue one was eerie. Looking forward to that in October.

ALL NEW X-MEN #34-35, UNCANNY X-MEN #28-Right now Uncanny is my fave of the set, a flip from last year when All New was my fave of the group. Still, both comics have been great though a little inconsistent with the art.

ANNIHILATOR #3 (OF 6), MULTIVERSITY PAX AMERICANA #1-Morrison is back baby! The first issue of Anihilator is one of the coolest comics out thanks to Frazer Irving. Two issues of Multiversity and its been a blast. This is the big one with Frank Quitely. I might pick up one of the variants at the LCS.

BLACK WIDOW #12, SILVER SURFER #8-Two excellent Marvel titles. Surfer I’m just now adding to DCBS order form.

DEATH VIGIL #5 (OF 8)-An incredibly cool comic with one of the best versions of Death. Stjepan Sejic has all the tools of a future star. I don’t know why Marvel or DC hasn’t put him on any of their titles (though doing He-Man covers for DC now) but maybe because he wants to do his own thing. This is definitely one of his things and its awesome.

FABLES #146-I dropped Fairest because it was a mixed bag and I can just get it in trades. as for the final arc, mixed feelings thus far.

FADE OUT #4, VELVET #10-Two Ed Brubaker comics. First issue of Fade Out didn’t do for me what it did for the critics. Straight crime stories are not usually my thing. Velvet however is really cool.

HARLEY QUINN #12-DC’s money maker. Soon to be headlining Suicide Squad movie?

HACK SLASH SON OF SAMHAIN #5, LAZARUS #13, REVIVAL #25 CVR A FRISON-Three cool Image comics. Loving them.

NEW VAMPIRELLA #6 CVR B FRISON VAR, RED SONJA #17 CVR A FRISON MAIN-Jenny Frison covers for these Dynamite books and Revival at Image. Vampirella has been steadily improving and I enjoy the current arc of Vampi hutning down stranger vampire types. Red Sonja has just been a rollicking good time.


ROCKET GIRL #7-It feels like its been a while since I read this.

SENSATION COMICS FEATURING WONDER WOMAN #4, WONDER WOMAN #36-First sensation comics was alright. WW features the second issue of the new creative team so…

SINESTRO #7-I guess its part of some GL crossover about the New Gods? I don’t know. I just like Sinestro.

@ LCS Here’s What I Will or Might Get

BATGIRL #36, CATWOMAN #36-New creative teams and directions start October so giving them a try. Loving the Catwoman covers.

TEEN TITANS #4-So far its been fine. Liking Rocaforts art.

SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #13-New creative team.

CYCLOPS #7-Pulled off my DCBS form because new creative team, might pick up 6 and 7 just in case.

STORM #5-A maybe. First two issues were fine but not sure I feel the need to stick with it.

DAWN/VAMPIRELLA #3-First issue was fun.


Might try something new that month.


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