Marvel Announcements and Thoughts

My biggest concern with Marvels announcement is two fold-Civil War and Shared Universe.

I have no care at all for Civil War being introduced in the MCU. I doubt the Captain America 3 will be too close to the comic but in general it sort of sours my expectations going forward.

As for shared universe, while its neat to see it in movies-the general audience is not as forgiving as a comic book audience. The wrong move and Marvel will hurt it self. Kill a wrong character, take a hit. Roll a plot point that is from one franchise to another and you might lose an audience member. Movie goers are not going to keep following a franchise after you make a turn that pisses them off. As a comic fan myself, I am weary of the shared universe intruding in comics I read because I’m not invested in everything and with so much coming from Marvel audiences will pick and choose what they want to follow and they probably won’t follow everything. I know some rumors around the next Avengers movie makes me antsy about continuing forth after.

Now as for the films themselves-happy with Black Panther and Capt. Marvel. While not specifically a fan of either character it brings much needed diversity to MCU. I’m more into Panther because, while not a major fan, I have read some of his books and I generally like the basics. Overall a cooler concept in my opinion. Capt. Marvel-I just don’t like Carol Danvers. The stuff with her in the X-Men turned me off to her pretty badly. I would rather have seen Black Widow. Dr. Strange is a mixed bag, I’m curious about the visual element but not so much of the character. Inhumans I’m uninterested in, outside of Medusa. I do believe without a doubt that Marvel will fail in making them an appropriate substitute for the X-Men. While the film might work it will not be a stand it for the far superior mutants. As for the Avengers films, Age of Ultron looks good and I’m sure Infinity War will be fine. I’m meh about another Thor-the films have been good but not personal favorites. However a big YES to GotG 2. Ant Man… Ugh… After Edgar Wright left I lost a lot of interest.

There are rumors of Spider-Mans involvement but it’ll be weird to see how they handle that. They are building a pretty specific over arching plan until Infinity War so they would have to get to work quick in not just making a film but involving Spidey with whats going on. I don’t know, personally I’m not a big enough Spidey fan to care. I found the first Amazing movie to be rather underwhelming and nothing I heard could make me rush to see the second one, which seemed to be a major issue since Sony’s considering this tactic to restore interest.

Marvel has an ambitious slate, just as Warner Bros. does with its DC films. Add in X-Men films and FF movies they’re running a risk of overload. Superheroes finally arrived and as much as I want to see several of these films, too much of anything can bite a genre in the ass.

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