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Bumping Synthwave

Since checking out VHS Glitch I am very into synthwave. Though a lot sounds similar, it evokes the feel of 1980s films. From horror to cult to science fiction to action. Its pretty much all instrumentals minus a few a … Continue reading

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Dance off from Guardians of the Galaxy

You all probably saw this already. But I wanted to post it anyway.

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Gotham is The Best Thing to Happen to Batman Since Adam West

I write this as I await the 9th episode of Gotham, the newest take on the Batman universe. A few weeks ago several websites declared it the worst thing to happen to the franchise since Joel Schumacher and I have … Continue reading

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Pride & Joy: Runaways fanmix

Tribute to Marvel comics Runaways. The story of the children of super-villains who runaway together to plan a way to stop their parents. A series that marvel at one time was going to make a movie for but dropped it. … Continue reading

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Latino Heat: Eddie Guerrero Tribute on 8Tracks

Didn’t expect to post this one today but its the anniversary of Guerrero’s passing. RIP. Eddie Guerrero was the youngest son of wrestling legend Gory Guerrero, following in the footsteps of his father and older brothers, Eddie and would go … Continue reading

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Killing Sid 6.7: Virtuosity Mix on 8tracks

Tribute to the science fiction thriller/cult classic Virtuosity. Starring Denzel Washington as an ex-cop turned convict hunting down the serial killer from a virtual reality game brought to life, SID 6.7-played by Russell Crowe. This mix includes songs from the … Continue reading

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Seven Help Us: Seven Soldiers of Victory Mix on 8tracks

Tribute to Grant Morrisons comic epic Seven Soldiers of Victory. The stories of seven amazing individuaks who each do battle with the Sheeda, a race of beings from the future who have to harvest from modern time. The only thing … Continue reading

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