Latino Heat: Eddie Guerrero Tribute on 8Tracks

Didn’t expect to post this one today but its the anniversary of Guerrero’s passing. RIP.

Eddie Guerrero was the youngest son of wrestling legend Gory Guerrero, following in the footsteps of his father and older brothers, Eddie and would go on to become even more famous having wrestled for NJPW, ECW, WCW and WWE where he became WWE Champion defeating Brock Lesner. We miss you Eddie.

Music is mix of his themes through out his career and some tracks that reminded me of him or Lucha Libre.

Latno Heat Theme
Be Prepared by Kabuto the Python
Loco te Patina el Coco by Juan El Matematico Garza
Smell Yourself by Los Lobotomys
Animal by Pearl Jam
Go With the Flow by Queens of the Stone Age
Chica alborotada by Big Sandy and Los Straightjackets
Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson
Los Ninos Del Parque by KMFDM
We Lie We Cheat We Steal
Number One from Bleach
Gotta Knock A Little Louder from Cowboy Bebop


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I like comics, wrestling, and other junk.
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