Bumping Synthwave

Since checking out VHS Glitch I am very into synthwave. Though a lot sounds similar, it evokes the feel of 1980s films. From horror to cult to science fiction to action. Its pretty much all instrumentals minus a few a songs here and there.


Top of the pile is VHS Glitch. Definitely liking their sound the best overall. Evil Technology with the retro-scifi feel. The future is set in the 1980s type of thing. First thing I garbbed and then had to get everything else. Their EP Night on Dark Hill had the horror film vibe and I also dug their three singles.


PERTUBATOR’s album Dangerous Days, it was great. It had more of a over the top post-apocalypse scifi vibe. So just got the other 2 albums and EP (all for 9 bucks. Could’ve went lower but didn’t feel like being more of a cheapskate).


Dug Nightcrawlers full length album Metropolis with its scifi dystopian allusions but won’t be picking up the previous singles/eps. Might pick up future albums.


Same with Street Cleaner. The album Payback felt like it was advertised as-R-rated action film about a cop out for payback.

Not feeling Timecop1983. Definitely the vibe is more laid back and feels like some Miami Vice style cop stuff with a bit of the romantic flair. However a few songs sounded too similar and really thought it popped with the guest vocals. Like the album but no interested in anything else.

Eyeing Lazerhawk and Mega Drive but I’ll put that on the back burner. Got too much stuff now and plan to pick up something else when I get paid next. Also that newest ytcracker album introducing neals had the synthwave sound to it too. cracker like’s trying out new sounds. He should really put all his previous albums on bandcamp.


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