Wonder Woman #36-Comments

So I got a months worth of comics from DCBS (plus a couple things earlier today from the LCS) and I just finished Wonder Woman #36.

I know the books got bad reviews, I haven’t read any because I could careless, and after reading it I thought it was alright. I just was waiting for the part that I’m suppose to hate. Sure Diana does stuff out of character in one scene but HEY! Its not like other writers haven’t made her a violent punch-now-ask-questions-later type of lady. David Finch? Hell-I think this book looks better than what he was doing on his Batman run from a few years back. I thought the scene with the Amazons talking about her their brothers was nice, Aquaman was written well, and my biggest headache was Diana’s mom as a clay statue. I thought she was at least moving again after Azzarello/Chiangs run. That and the exposition back story. However seeing as Meredith Finch has little writing experience I let it slide.

Seriously-bad reviews thank you for always making the standard even lower so that most material can easily hop over it. I see seriously have read worse WW stories than this. This wasn’t even bad.


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